Friday Five with @meganslayer #writing #shortstory #supershort #prompt #findmolly #suspensestory

Do you want to write for the Friday Five? You know you do. Come on and join us. Here’s the link:

It’s easy, fun and a little challenging, too. This week’s words are: green, tumble, meet, parking, concept

I’m going to get back to #findmolly this week, so here we go!

His stomach churned. The green slime on the floor of the pool smelled of death. His stomach wasn’t churning, no, it’s gone straight to tumble. It wasn’t Molly on the floor. It was Nikki, her best friend.

Where in the hell was she? He stood and fumbled with his phone, then called 911. Someone had to help him. Mostly, they needed to help Nikki. He watched the parking lot for the EMS vehicle. He wanted to be able to meet, warn and give them the story when the cops arrived as well. When he saw the flashing lights, he turned his attention back to Nikki.

“Honey? Are you okay?” He knew she wasn’t, but he had to be soothing. “Nikki?”

“Everything. Hurts.” She didn’t open her eyes and barely moved as she groaned again. “He got her.”

“Who?” He waved to the EMS, then focused on Nikki. “Who got her?” He wanted to shake her, but he had to be calm. “Nik?”

The paramedics muscled him out the way and one of the cops approached. “We need to take your story,” the cop said. “What happened and why are you out here?” The cop, Frank Miller, tipped his head. “Willy, you’re not even on the job any longer. What are you doing?”

Not on the job. What a concept. He’d forgotten about being removed from the case. Hell, he was one of the suspects in Molly’s disappearance. Always look at the spouse. But his cop instincts took over. He had to help. He had to find her.

“You need to go to the cruiser and have a seat. McMillian will talk to you.” Miller shook his head. “We’ll get to the bottom of this.”

“Yeah.” Before or after they found Molly? And who had Molly? What did Nikki mean?

Damn it.

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