Friday Five with @meganslayer #findmolly #storystarter #suspense

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Sorry I’m so late in getting to this. This week’s words are: bullet, risk, groan, ignore, absence So…here we go. Let’s #findmolly

Willie crept up to the pool. He couldn’t mistake the form or the lack of noise coming from the pile of–was it a person? Clothes? He wasn’t sure. If he touched the clothing he risked upsetting a crime scene. If he left the situation alone, he risked potentially helping Molly–if that was Molly.

He couldn’t live with her absence any longer. He couldn’t ignore the ache in his heart, either. She made him happy, no matter how much she drove him berserk. He’d take a bullet for her–if he could find her.

He knelt next to the form and touched the hair. “Molly?”

The person groaned.

He moved the tattered clothing, revealing the face of the person. “Molly?” His heart hammered. “Babe?”

The person opened her eyes.

Not Molly.


Damn it.

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