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Lily (Forever Wicked) by Megan Slayer

Number in Series: 13

BIN: 06512-02094

Word Count: 12K

Page Count: 44

Price: $3.99

Release Date: August 9, 2013

Editor: Katriena Knights

Cover Artist: Marteeka Karland

Genres: Erotic Romance, Novella, Paranormal, BDSM

Themes: Menage, Magic, Voyeurism

John and Michael never forgot how much they cared about their sub, Tiger Lily. She’s the one for them and they love playing with her. Now they’re ready to offer her their collar. No more waiting, they’re ready.

But is she?

Tiger Lily wants both her masters, but she’s convinced they want a toy, not a full time sub. She decides to test them and makes them prove their devotion to her. It’s a risky game of swapped control, but if things work out the way she plans, they’ll all end up satisfied.

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John crept into the massive room. Water splashed from the massive waterfall in the corner, and the sound of laughter from the mermaids filled the air. A couple of seahorse men chatted with the mermaids — no doubt trying to hook up. He scoped out the scene for his girl. If he were hurting and lost, where would he go?

After a moment, he spotted her. He’d know the light brown shift dress and gorgeous tanned legs anywhere. She perched on the plank sticking out of the side of the ship. Damn her lack of fear. He hated heights but rescuing her from the plank meant dealing with his fears. Screw it. She mattered too much.

John climbed the main ladder to the ship and crossed the main deck. He sat on the railing.

“My pet likes water play? Or to play with heights?” He forced himself to sound angry and relieved. She loved when he used his commanding voice. “I should punish you for running away.”

Her shoulder edged up in a tiny shrug, but she didn’t look at him. She kicked her feet, and the delicate bells around her ankle dinged.

“Excuse me? Is that how you address me?” He stood at his full height and cleared his voice. “Lily?”

She jerked around and glanced over her shoulder. “I’m sorry.” She stood, then crept past him. The blue and green beads in her hair sparkled in the light. “Sir? May I speak freely?”

“I expect you to.” He crooked his fingers under her chin. “Why did you do this?”

Lily sighed. “I wanted you to find me.”

“I did. Always will.”

“Will you, really?” Her dark eyes shone with unshed tears. “You left me for three weeks. No calls, texts, nothing. Then you trained another sub? Really? For what? To teach me a lesson?” She folded her arms and stomped past him to the staircase leading to the ground floor. “Maybe I don’t want you any longer.”

Okay, enough theatrics. John snagged her in his arms and carried her to the seclusion of the staircase. He stopped on the first landing and placed her on the overstuffed bench. “One person holds my heart. One. What I did with Michael to help out Tansy had nothing to do with how I feel about you. She asked for help with an unruly sub. We did, with no sexual contact with that sub.” He knelt before her. “You are within your rights to be upset with us. We should’ve said something to you, and I’m sorry we didn’t. What would you like us to do to make this up to you?”

“You should’ve, and I do have an idea.” She held her head high and a lock of her hair, bound in beads and braids, slipped over her shoulder. “Switched control. Are you willing?”

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