Friday Five with @meganslayer #writingprompt #writing #findmolly

Come play along. It’s fun. Here’s the link to the rest of the posts: This week’s words are: image, bar, express, redeem, privilege

Here’s the next section of Finding Molly #findmolly

Willie stared at Rachel. “Who said? Them? Who is ‘them’?”

“I’m not at liberty to tell you. It’s a privilege to know them.” Rachel shook her head. “I’m sorry.”

“You’re sorry?” She had to be kidding. All he wanted to do was find his wife and her sister wanted to play games. “Do you know the people who did this? Do you any clues for me? A photo, a token from her? All I have is this container of cigarettes. You can get them at the Rooster Bar, but that doesn’t mean much. Do you recognize the brand?” He held up the package.

“I’ve never seen the image on there before.” She turned away, unnerved by the packet.

“I’m trying to save her. If I have to redeem her, too, then I’ll do it. I still love her.” He didn’t know how to make her understand. “You have to help me. Please?”

“Sorry.” She shook her head, but pushed a piece of paper toward him. “You have to go.”

“Then I’ll go.” He took the paper and left the house. She’d chosen a strange way to express herself, but he wasn’t going to argue. He slid behind the wheel of the truck and opened the note.

They took her. Them. They wanted her knowledge and intelligence. No names. Just Them. I don’t know where they went, but you’ll never get her back. She didn’t go of her own free will, but she’s gone. I’m sorry.

He crinkled the note. Them. Never get her back. What kind of screwed-up game was this? And why did everyone want to play it? All he wanted was to bring Molly back. He gritted his teeth. She hadn’t gone of her own free will. That had to mean something. Had to mean she might have wanted his help.

Fine. He’d help her. He’d never give up on his first love.

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