The Jolly Rogered Collection with @wendizwaduk #pirates #historical #romance @totally_bound


The Jolly Rogered Collection – A Box Set

Historical Erotic Romance

From Totally Bound Publishing

‘Ruined by the Pirate’ by Wendi Zwaduk Two adventurous souls will always find their way together.

‘Temptation Released’ by Ayla Ruse “When is a pirate not a pirate? When he refuses to ravish a perfectly willing captive.” – Lady Elise Clifton

‘The Running Game’ by Meg Harding There’s something to be said about great adventure, an impossible moment in time when everything falls into place. This is undoubtedly her impossible moment.

This collection is full to the brim of swashbuckling, dangerous pirates, beautiful fair maidens and enchanting elopements. These bold buccaneers don’t stop until they get what they want, and the damsels in distress may be more captivated than captured. As the old superstition goes, a woman on board a ship is unlucky, but a naked woman ‘calms the sea’ and the heart of her hero.

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Excerpt from ‘Ruined by the Pirate’ by Wendi Zwaduk

©WendiZwaduk 2020, All Rights Reserved

“A woman has no right traveling alone—least of all you,” Sarah Moyer said and stared at her best friend, Felicia. “Understood.”

“I’m telling you,” Felicia said, “nothing good can come of this voyage. Stay here and ride out the storm. Your father will see you’re not interested in Isaiah and he’ll let you decide what you want to do.”

Sarah shook her head. She knew this conversation all too well. She loved Felicia, but even her friend couldn’t help her. Staying away from Norfolk, Virginia, for almost a year hadn’t prevented the wrath of Nelson Moyer. No, the real estate magnate insisted his only daughter come home. She knew darn well what he wanted her to do once she reached Norfolk—find Isaiah Landry and get married. She clutched her pocketbook tighter. No. She didn’t love Isaiah and refused to tie herself down to any man only interested in her father’s money.

“Please stay. Southampton won’t be the same without you.” Felicia grabbed Sarah’s hands. “Please?”

“I’ve got to appease him.” Sarah gazed out at the deep blue ocean before her. In a few minutes, she’d be sailing and free from her cares for a few days. “Come with me. There are plenty of American men who would love an exotic British woman on their arm.”

“You know better.” Felicia blew a blonde curl from her forehead. “Your father wants you home in Norfolk. Mine wants me to be right here in Southampton.” She let go of Sarah. “Then be safe. I’ll write you and try to come visit before autumn.”

“Do.” Sarah kissed her best friend on the cheek then waved.

England hadn’t been the second home she’d been looking for. Nowhere seemed to be home. Over Felicia’s shoulder, Sarah noticed a man weaving through the crowd. Unlike the other passengers, he didn’t appear to be making his way to the main gangplank. He surveyed the passengers then hurried to the far end of the dock. She leaned over the railing to see where he’d gone. Drat. She waved at Felicia once more then made her way onto the small ship.

In typical Moyer fashion, her father had sent a massive yacht to bring her and a few of his friends back to America from England. She stood at the railing of The Lady Moyer and waved to the people on the dock. Once again she spotted the dark-haired man from the throng of people. This time, he seemed to be looking right at her. A shiver skated up her spine. He gazed at her like she was a piece of meat, not a lady. She should avert her gaze, but no matter how hard she tried, she continued to watch him.

“Come along to the cabin, Miss Moyer.” Frederick Rourke, her father’s right-hand man, touched her elbow. “It’ll be cold soon.”

She suppressed the urge to snort. She doubted he cared about the weather. Frederick wanted to make sure she finally went home. He probably had a fat finder’s fee waiting on him at port. She sighed and allowed him to escort her to the luxury cabins on the second level of the ship.

“Your father is quite excited about your arrival.” Frederick placed her bag on the armchair. “He’s been making plans for a month.”

“Oh has he?” She rolled her eyes. “Father doesn’t want me home just to see me. He wants to marry me off. Give a nice boy the deed to the house and the money. I can handle myself.” She untied the lace beneath her chin and removed her hat. “I’m shocked he didn’t try to convince you to marry me.”

“He did, Sarah. I refused.” Frederick’s ears turned bright red. He tugged at his collar. “I told him I didn’t fancy you.”

“Oh?” What a relief, she thought. “The rumors must be true. You and Delia are having a fling.” 

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