Friday Five with @meganslayer #writing #writingprompt #shortstory

In the continuing saga of #findingmolly

This week’s words are: exchange, firsthand, friendly, jump, trick

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Here we go!

Willie scrubbed one hand over his face and considered the facts he had. He knew firsthand about the phone call. Molly only contacted him for two things: help and sex. So their relationship wasn’t average. Whose was? At least they were friendly while giving each other space. She must’ve wanted him if she’d asked for help.

But the tin…why had she led him to the tin? Because she knew if she spoke, he’d jump? He had in the past because he loved her and wanted to make her happy. He still did, truth be told. Was this because she wanted to play a trick on him? Nah… That wasn’t her style. She could be cruel, but she was always upfront about it.

He gritted his teeth. The last he’d seen her, she’d said she’d made advances in her life. Then there was the phone call where she sounded panicked and the text. He checked his phone again. He had to find that text.

From Molly: I figured out what I want in life and I’m happy. I’ve decided to exchange my worldly possessions for the best things in the next life.

HIs blood chilled. Her worldly possessions…damn. Maybe she wasn’t in as much trouble as he thought–but he had the feeling it was more. He had to find her and figure out what she’d done–or who had her and why.

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