Creative Outlets and Me! with @meganslayer #creative #arts #photos

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This week’s topic is creative outlets I enjoy. What a toughie!

When it comes to my tot, I’m a rather private person. I decided a long time ago that I would discuss tot as just that. Tot. One thing I’ve also loved, but never been all that good at was photography. I took a photography class back in college and have a wonderful SLR camera. I love it. Actually, I love taking photos, but I like the instant gratification or realization (depending on how you look at it) with digital photography. You can find out if the photo you’ve tried to take turned out well, didn’t turn out, if the composition is messed up or if the focus is off. I’m not one for taking photos then using filters. That’s not my style, but I will fiddle with the slow-mo function on my phone. But as the pandemic and last year unfurled, I realized I still loved photography. I love taking photos of Tot. Actually, of Tot, the dogs, the cats, flowers…you name it. I like trying to capture the animals yawning, too. That’s fun.

This one is a favorite because I love how he looks so deep in thought.
This one is a favorite because I caught her mid-yawn. I call it her ‘do it or I’ll holler’ face.

I’d post photos I’ve taken of Tot, but that’s not my style. I did take his senior photos and graduation ones. I like how they’ve turned out. I also rather liked the photos I’ve taken of our flowers, too. 🙂

What about you? What’s your creative outlet? Besides writing? Maybe it is writing. I don’t know, but I’d love to know.

16 thoughts on “Creative Outlets and Me! with @meganslayer #creative #arts #photos

  1. I love photography, too…. it’s awesome these days with digital. But I also recognize that I lack that “something” you need to be really excellent when I see the freaking amazing pix my artist kid takes. Still, “hobby” means something fun you enjoy, right? 😀

  2. I love the photos! My husband was really good with a camera (he got it from his dad), but I’m not. Our younger girl developed a love of taking photos, too, and she took all of her older sister’s graduation photos as well. They had a lot of fun with it.

    My post

  3. I do photography one weekend a year — it’s an odd little bit of my job. And I enjoy it, but it wears me out. So any other photography I do is just “snap a pic on the iPhone” level of stuff. But there’s definitely a creative/artistic element to it, so… actually, no, I have no idea where I was going with this thought. Anyway, good answer!

  4. The only thing I know about an SLR camera is that it’s often a crossword answer, when the clue is “kind of camera.” I have no idea what it means. LOL. But when the kids were young, I obsessively photographed them, then had the pictures developed, and put them into their baby books, then into albums. When my camera broke, I told my husband NOT to get me a digital one. He ignored me, got me a digital camera, and I’ve never taken any pictures since. The kids laugh about how their photo albums all stop abruptly the same year–the year I stopped taking picture. I actively dislike new technology, and had to be dragged kicking and screaming into the age of email. I still don’t have a smart phone–I prefer my flip phone.

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