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I got a little behind this week, so it took me a bit to get back to Sid and Mac. But, I did. Here’s the next installment of their story. Sid is so nervous. Hopefully things start working out for him. As for now, the words are Sit, portion, fiber, inflate, beef. Enjoy!

Sid stared at the menu for the teachers’ meeting. He hadn’t expected having someone cater the event would cause the prices to inflate so much. It shouldn’t be so expensive to have roast beef sandwiches and salads for the meeting. Twenty dollars per portion seemed rather expensive, especially since the most plentiful thing on the menu was bread. At least the salad provided some fiber to balance the meal.

Mac joined him in the lounge. “I hear you’re working on the menu.”

“I was.” Sid rubbed his forehead. “I don’t know how to make this work. I was told to use this catering service, but the prices are outrageous.”

“Mind if I sit and look at it?” Mac pulled the chair out next to him. “Have you tried this company yet?”

“What do you mean?” He liked having Mac so close. After the night he’d helped Sid put the shelf up, he’d been able to talk to Mac more. He liked his company and clear-eyed view on things. He also rather appreciated the scent of his cologne, too. Heat sizzled in his veins. If Mac happened to brush his arm, Sid might combust.

“Well, you can usually do taste tests ahead of time. If this group won’t let you, even with small portions, then that’s a red flag. If the powers that be told you to use this one, too, then that’s one as well.” Mac looked over the flier and website on Sid’s tablet. “I get why they wanted you to use this one.” He snorted. “It’s the superintendent’s wife’s company. You’d think we’d get a price break.”

“I had no idea.” The tips of his ears turned red. “I guess I’m mucking this up, too.”

“Nah.” Mac grinned. “They know you’re still new at this. I’ve been at the school for four years. This is your first and since you’ve volunteered to help, they’ll pile you with extra work.”

“Yeah.” He folded his hands on his lap. “They know they’ve got a sucker, eh?”

“Someone has to handle these details and they don’t want to, so it’s up to you.” Mac elbowed him. “But you’ve got me, so we’ll figure this out and make it awesome. They’ll see you’ve made it awesome and appreciate you. I know I do.”

Sid pressed his lips together to keep from gawking. Mac appreciated him? He’d touched him, too. Holy cow. He so needed to wind up his courage and ask Mac out. Soon.

“Ready to tackle this menu and catering issue?” Mac asked.

“Sure.” They’d hit it out of the park and maybe he’d get a date out of this, too. One could only hope.

5 thoughts on “Friday Five with @meganslayer #serialstory #prompts #writing

  1. Awwwwwwww…. Mac’s so nice (and heaven help me, I heard “Mack the knife” after I wrote that). No wonder Sid is smitten.

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