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Jessica by Megan Slayer

Faeries Wear Boots

An After Dark Novella, Book 4

Contemporary, Paranormal Erotic Romance


An After Dark Novella

Can a faerie running from trouble and a demon full of it make love work?

Jessica’s never been the favorite faerie in the family. She’s rough around the edges and runs with a dangerous crowd. She wants to be loved, but who wants the daughter of the head faerie? She’s got secrets that could be deal breakers. Guys don’t want to date faeries and she’s tired of dead ends. Isn’t there one good man interested in being with a dark faerie?

Although Lane plays a mage on television, it’s just a role. No one cares that he’s a demon—not even Jessica. He senses the darkness within her, but there’s something else. She’s not like the others he’s met before. He wants to save her, even if only from herself. Will she accept the love of a demon, or run away before he has a chance to prove he’s worthy of a faerie?

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©Megan Slayer, 2019, All Rights Reserved

“You’re one strange demon.”

“Because I’m not biting your head off? Cursing you? Throwing you into the pits of Hell?” he asked. “Or something else I missed?”

“Because you’re not expecting me to jump into bed with you—yet—and you’re acting human. I still expect you to try to kill me or cast me into Hades, but not here. It’s too public,” she said. “Besides, you don’t know my name.”

“I can be scary if you’d like, but I don’t kill unless I have to and no, I don’t. Mine’s Lane.” He held out his hand. “It’s nice to meet you…?”

“Jessica.” She shook hands with him, then recoiled. “You’re steaming.”

“It’s part of being a demon.” His fingers tingled from her touch. He wanted more. “I promise not to cast you anywhere you don’t want to go.”

“Right.” She turned on her heel and left.

He stared at the vacant space where she’d been and shook his head. His radar was never wrong. The chemistry between them was strong. He knew it. Why didn’t she? When she held the microphone, his cock stood at attention. The sound of her voice made his heart beat faster. Her comments got him rock hard. Then there was her body—curves where a woman should be curvy, tits big enough for his hands and that ass… Christ, he wanted to gaze into her dark eyes and hold her. She captivated him like no other.

“You didn’t work on her hard enough,” Caroline snapped.

“You blew it,” Elaine added. “We’ll be stuck like this forever.”

“I’ve been a demon for a hundred years, girls. You’re lucky.” Lane tossed the publicity photos onto the table and folded his arms. He debated his choices. He could stalk the faerie, but that would be too weird. She’d said she worked at a bar. What if he showed up at the establishment? He could say he’d heard about the place and needed to see it for himself.

He’d rather she’d call him because he wanted to hear her voice again. Given the chance, he’d love to hold her. He’d strip her down and taste every inch of her body.

Power surged within him. Maybe she couldn’t save his soul, but she’d brought his dormant soul back to life and he wasn’t ready to quit. Was it possible he’d found his soulmate?

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