Rocking Cedarwood by @meganslayer #gay #gayromance #books #LGBTQ @pridepublishing

Rocking Cedarwood by Megan Slayer

Cedarwood Pride, book 5

Contemporary LGBTQ Romance

M/M, Anal Sex, Masturbation


Pride Publishing

Can the geeky teacher moonlighting as a rock-and-roll metal god find the one man to see both sides and want it all with him?

Ever since Michael Jepsen walked into Cedarwood Elementary and spotted Niall Grayson, he’s been hooked. He wants to explore every inch of the sexy third-grade teacher in all sorts of hot ways. But Michael has a secret—during the summer months, he morphs into his alter ego, Bandit, and rocks stages all across the country. Can he keep his job at the school while living the rock-and-roll lifestyle and snag the man of his dreams?

Niall Grayson never thought he’d catch Michael’s eye. Becoming more than good friends never crossed his mind. He’s not good at letting people into his private life and he prefers to keep his heart guarded, but something about Michael makes him want to open up. Will he be able to accept the different facets of Michael or will the relationship fail before it gets started?

These two are determined to rock Cedarwood to its core.

Reader advisory: This book contains expressions of homophobia by multiple secondary characters, blackmail and a forced outing.

Publisher’s Note: This book was previously released elsewhere under a different title. It has been revised, expanded and reedited for release with Pride Publishing.

General Release Date: 26th November 2019

EXCERPT: ©MeganSlayer, 2020, All Rights Reserved

He donned his sunglasses then closed and snicked the padlock on his locker. He’d need another stretch to catch up to Niall, but the other teacher wasn’t running at a blistering pace so Michael might be okay if he joined him without much prep. He jogged along behind Niall until he felt comfortable then picked up his pace until he joined his friend.

Niall swerved and waved. “Go on,” he shouted.

Although they weren’t quite so visible, Michael noticed Niall had earbuds without cords in. Michael should’ve known Niall would need music, too. He touched Niall’s arm. “Hi.”

Niall frowned. He yanked his earbuds out and slowed his pace. “Michael?”

“Yeah.” He fell in step with Niall. “I’m happy to see you here. Isn’t it a great day for a run?”

“It is.” Niall smiled. He stopped and scrubbed his hand across his forehead. He panted. “I need a break. I’m at the end of my fifth mile, so it’s a good pausing point.”

“I would say so,” Michael said. “Are you training for a ten-k or just like running? I’ve done two and they kicked my ass.” He winced. “Butt.” He should’ve watched his language. He had no idea if any students or parents were around.

Niall laughed and walked over to the fountain. He took a long draw from the running water before wiping his face again. “We’re not at school and I don’t mind if you swear.”

“We’re still public figures and we should have decorum.” Michael rested his hands on his hips. Talking with Niall was so easy. Why hadn’t he tried to make deeper connections with Niall sooner?

“True,” Niall said. He stepped into the shade. “I’m glad it’s finally warm—I thought the winter would never end—but I’d rather run in the cool. You can add layers, but you can’t take them off past a certain point.”

“Are you saying you don’t run bare-chested?” Now wouldn’t that be sexy? Michael could only imagine Niall in the nude. How would Niall take the news that Michael did most of his stage shows without a shirt on and wearing leather pants?

“I’m not that comfortable with my body.” Niall blushed. “It’s a long story, but I’m trying to stay healthy and active. I’ll work on my internal self-image later.”

“You’re in fine form.” He swept his gaze over Niall. Mighty fine.

“You’re not so bad.” Niall’s blush deepened. “I didn’t know you exercised here. I didn’t know you ran, as well. You’ve done ten-k races? I’m impressed,” Niall said. “That’s what I’m training for, so if you’re interested in a training buddy, sign me up.”

“Yeah.” Michael nodded. He wanted more than a buddy, but he refused to get too far ahead of himself.

“Yes?” Niall rubbed his temples. His hair stuck out, slick with perspiration. “You want me to join you?”

He’d lost his train of thought. Shit. He’d been too enamored with the sweet, sexy man who wore the running shorts too well. Michael knew down to his soul that Niall would be hot as fuck naked. Would he be a moaner, too?


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