The Funniest Thing to Happen to Me… with @meganslayer #funny

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The funniest thing to happen to me… Wow. See, I don’t know what anyone else thinks is funny, but I know what I think is amusing.

For example, I can trip over my own two feet and stumble. I think it’s a riot. I don’t know why. I guess I was raised on physical comedy. But it’s funny. Now, this happens on a regular basis. I can be walking on bare floor, flat floor in bare feet and still trip. I don’t know how it happens, but it does. This GIF makes me think of a recent occurrence that is real and happened to me.

I happened to be on the treadmill and was bopping along just fine when I decided to take off my hoodie. Now I can’t manage to take off said hoodie when I’m sitting still, but for some odd reason, I thought THIS IS THE TIME TO SHUCK THIS LAYER!! I got one arm out, but on the over the head part…it didn’t go so well. I ended up about like the poor gal here. I didn’t crash into the wall, but it wasn’t pretty.

But I laughed at the end. It cracked me up.

I don’t know why.

I can’t say it’s the funniest thing to happen to me. I could’ve been hurt. But it made me laugh. I guess that’s what I needed, though. Just to laugh. What about you?

Some days, I feel like I’m living in a Buster Keaton movie. Shrugs. It’s my life. I’m a clumsy gal.

What about you? What’s your funny moment? I’d love to know. 🙂

Since you’re here, check out my upcoming Christmas story, Christmas in Cedarwood!

Christmas in Cedarwood by Megan Slayer

Cedarwood Pride, book 12

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M/M, Anal Sex, Masturbation

Two men, one kid and the frayed nerves that come with the holidays…can they make it through to Christmas without a blow-up?

Colt Harrison knew when he met Ashley Willis that he’d found the one man for him. He loves Ashley’s son, Wyatt, as if he were his own son. But the stress of living together, compounded with buying a home and adopting pets has worn him down…not to mention the aggravation that comes with the diner he owns. He wants to make Christmas special for his family, but how can they have a great holiday when Colt’s never home?

Ashley’s got a two-week vacation from his job at the elementary school teaching art. All he wants is time with Colt and Wyatt. He loves Colt, but not the long hours spent at the diner, especially around the holidays. Can he be honest about what he wants from Colt and keep the man he loves?

Anything is possible if they embrace the magic of Christmas.

Reader advisory: This book was previously released elsewhere. It has been expanded and reedited for release with Pride Publishing.

General Release Date: 22nd December 2020

Available from:

12 thoughts on “The Funniest Thing to Happen to Me… with @meganslayer #funny

  1. FYI, your link on Long and Short Review’s site isn’t working today.

    Treadmills and my body don’t mesh well together either. As much as I like the idea of them, it’s safer for me to walk or run on solid ground. Ha!

  2. I feel your pain. I’m a pretty amazing klutz myself. I use a treadmill, but can’t really do anything but jog very very carefully. I can’t even take off a zip up hoodie, let alone a pull over the head one!

  3. I don’t have a treadmill story as such — usually when I have a spectacular accident it was because I was doing something spectacularly ill-advised — but I’ve definitely had some moments where I was trying to do one thing while thinking about something else and managed to screw up both of them. My stories are here, but I must warn you that they’re definitely not funny.


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