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Challenges Box set by Megan Slayer

Cover Art: Bryan Keller

BIN: 07802-02517

Genres: BDSMBox SetsGuilty Pleasures (Contemporary)Romance

Themes: Dark DesireVoyeurism and Exhibitionism

Series: Challenges (#8)

Book Length: Box Set

Page Count: 117

Seven women. Seven Challenges. What each woman gets is beyond her wildest dreams.

Make Me: A crop, some rope, a sweet little plug — just what she wants, and all she had to say was “Make me.”

Show Me: Calen’s issued a challenge — her naked before the wall of windows in their sixth floor apartment. Will Elisha please her master or walk away forever?

Take Me: Talia wants nothing more than to shirk her duties on the set of her latest movie so she can be with her heartthrob husband. But she never expected him to kidnap her — or did she?

Watch Me: Kacey and Marc’s lives changed the moment the hunk moves in next door. Will they be willing to make all their fantasies reality, or will they have to live with the view through the window?

Film Me: Jinx has been around the world of adult films for more than five years. Leading man Wes Long challenges Jinx for more. He’ll accept nothing less than her total submission — on and off the set.

Capture Me: Dolly makes her living posing for pinup shots. She’s got the look — the tats, the piercings — but she’s not a size two. Some guys love a wicked hot challenge.

Caught Me: Trick’s offered his girl a challenge — simple, easy, and sure to be decadent. He’s going to make her wildest dreams come true.

Publisher’s Note: Challenges (Box Set) contains the previously published novellas Make Me, Show Me, Take Me, Watch Me, Film Me, Capture Me, and Caught Me.

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Copyright ©2016, 2018 Megan Slayer
Excerpt from Make Me

I went in search of the remote. As per normal I couldn’t find the damned thing, but I did find something else. The box. A good six inches square, green paper with a bright blue bow standing proudly on top.

I bit the inside of my cheek. I could open it, but there wasn’t a name on the box. I toyed with my ring and contemplated what the hell I was going to do. Not opening the box was like a new form of torture. Yes, I’m a nosy person. Why do you ask?

My phone buzzed beside me. I glanced at the lit-up screen. One new text. Swell. What had I forgotten this time? At least the message was from Zeke.

“Open your present.”

My present? Well, allrighty then. I love a good surprise. I thought about sending him a thank you. Nah, I’d wait until I saw what it was. He could be a sweetheart or he could be the devil himself. I took a deep breath, let it out slowly, and grabbed the box.

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