What I’m Watching Saturdays with @meganslayer ~ Future Man #futureman #tv #bingeworthy

Okay, I started watching this show because of the promo where James Dean screams ‘it’s tearing me apart’ and Abe Lincoln says it’s the worst theatre experience of his life. I had to know more. This is pure sci-fi fun. There are pop culture references all over and it’s kind of fun to see how they’re woven in. I liked the characters, even when I didn’t really like them. Josh could be a pain because of his insecurity, Tiger could be a pain because of her bullheadedness and Wolf… that man is excess overload. But it’s fun. That’s the thing. It’s fun. It’s warped and weird in spots, but that’s life. You have to accept it and roll with it. So there. Watch it.

Josh Futturman, a janitor by day and a gamer by night, is recruited by mysterious visitors to travel through time to prevent the extinction of humanity.

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