My Favorite Holiday and Why…with @meganslayer #holidays #favorite

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Which holiday is my favorite? Wow. This is hard. Not because I love them all. I don’t. But because I have to think about it. I know, I know. That sounds terrible. I have to consider so it’s hard?

The difficult part about choosing is deciding which holiday is my favorite. I have memories from many holidays and some aren’t great. Easter is hard because that’s when my grandfather passed. Sure, I look at it as the time I had with him was good. I miss him because he made me laugh and looked a lot like Walter Matthau. But it still makes that holiday hard. Christmas isn’t a particular favorite because there is tension within the extended family. If one member (not me) can’t control how we celebrate Christmas, then that member isn’t happy and will make everyone’s life miserable while letting you know how they feel. Not fun. DH doesn’t believe in Sweetest Day or Valentine’s Day. Granted, he’s good about doing sweet and valentine-y things throughout the year (which I like better because I don’t expect it), but it does bring out awkward looks when we don’t celebrate those. We celebrate New Years, but since the tot isn’t so small any longer, it’s not the same.

Doesn’t leave much left? Halloween. That’s got to be my favorite. The black cats (I particularly love cats and loved it when I had one orange cat and one black one – Halloween all the time!), the weird decorations…the strange lighting… I love it. The tot is into sculpture, and wants to make the props for theater, so he has some false starts. The heads have become heads on pikes to put in the front yard where it always floods, so it looks extra spooky. Yeah, we’re that kind of decorators at Halloween. If I can work a cat decoration into the overall look, then I will. I have a whole bathroom done in cat. It’s a small one and there isn’t nearly as much as there could be.

What about you? I went the roundabout way to answering this. What’s your favorite holiday? I’d love to know.

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16 thoughts on “My Favorite Holiday and Why…with @meganslayer #holidays #favorite

  1. I have mixed feelings about Christmas for similar reasons. You’re not alone there.

    It’s cool that we have the same favourite holiday.

    My post.

  2. I used to make all of my kids their Halloween costumes. A few times, my sons would hand me one of their “characters” (NOT dolls, Mom! Characters! ) and tell me they wanted to be HIM. Challenged my creativity, but they did get recognized when they went Trick or Treating.

    • Yep, the tot would bring me his ideas, too. The one that worked best was Doctor Octopus. Perry from Phineas and Ferb was pretty good, too. We tried a MechaGodzilla, but it wasn’t as good as it could be. Still, he hasn’t forgotten helping create them. So there we go. Score ones for us!

  3. Yeah. When we lost my mom a couple of years back, we didn’t tell the boys for two days — because that would have been right on Secondborn’s birthday, and boy howdy that’s not an association he ever needs to be carrying around. I can totally understand why Easter would be hard.

    Halloween was my choice as well; I wrote down my reasons here.

  4. We had one year what I refer to as the Griswold Christmas. It was not pretty. A still decorated tree tossed in the yard and the cops were involved made it unforgettable. I’ve only been home for one Christmas since then and that was because I had a premonition it would be my grandmother’s last. And it was. But, that was the best Christmas ever. Hubby played Santa and not only did the kids love it, my grandmother did too. It gave us all some great last memories of our grande dame. I think Halloween has been the most popular on the hop this week. 🙂 And it is so much fun! And it kind of ushers in fall and all the cool fall things. Thanks for sharing Megan!

    • We had a christmas, the first one without pawpaw, where my great uncle played santa and brought something for the littles, which was cool. Memaw went out of her way to make the things given to the littles and it made her heart happy they were so happy. It was bittersweet, but I did enjoy that time.

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