New Release ~ Her Faux Sugar Daddy by @meganslayer #changelingpress #mob #romance #hot

Her Faux Sugar Daddy by Megan Slayer

Jordan Brothers book 7

A Roosters Book

Changeling Press

Contemporary Erotic Romance

M/F, Older Man/Younger Woman

Mob Romance


Art by Bryan Keller

I protect. That’s my job, but I never thought I’d find her.

Jon McDaniels loves being Dash Jordan’s right-hand man. He runs security for the Jordan family and doesn’t expect love to factor into his job. Then he sees Lesley and every protective instinct kicks in. She’s so much younger than he is, but he can’t help how much he wants her.

I want to get away from my past, but when I see him, I know he’s my future.

Lesley Kane knows the dirtier side of life. The child of drug addicts, she wants to shed her past and move on. She thinks she’s safe on her college campus — until danger from her former life shows up in her present. Jon not only saves her, but he sees there’s more to her than what she’s been through. So he’s older than her… age is just a number, right?

Can two people, bent but not broken, find they have a future together?

Available from:

All rights reserved.
Copyright ©2020 Megan Slayer

Jon left the vehicle and opened the car door for her. Before she exited, he noticed a man walking toward the building, but unlike the other students, this one wore all camo and had a girl in his grasp. Something flashed, and Jon recognized the item — a gun. Fuck. The jerk had a gun to the young woman’s head. “Get back.” He shoved Ripley back into the car and slammed the door. “Gun.”

“Fuck.” Natty threw the car into gear.

Students ducked, and a few ran screaming. The man held the gun up and shot toward the sky. The thunder of the shots split the air. Jon kept his weapon concealed, but held up his hands.

“Don’t try it, old man,” the guy with the gun shouted. He held the revolver to the young woman’s head. “I will shoot her.”

“Stop.” Jon waited for Natty to speed away, then inched up to the man.

The gunman shot at the retreating car. “Bring him back. I want to bag a Jordan.”

“Then let her go.” Jon kept his hands up. He wanted to disarm the man, but there were too many witnesses. There were also too many blind spots and tall buildings. If the man had accomplices, they could be anywhere. He growled. Who needed to have so many retaining walls and huge fucking juniper bushes? Jesus.

“I’m not doing a Goddamn thing you say.” The man pressed the revolver to the woman’s head.

Where in the hell were the police? Someone had to have called them by now. Natty should’ve, if no one else had. Even the campus cops would be better than nothing. “You don’t want to do this,” Jon said.

“Want to bet?” The man yanked on the woman, holding her tight to his chest. “I’ll fucking destroy her.”

Jon growled again. The young woman couldn’t be more than twenty-one. She had her whole life ahead of her. Panic shimmered in her green eyes. She paled and trembled.

“Help me,” the girl said. “Please?”

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