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This is an amusing topic for this week’s challenge. Seems odd I should say that, right? I’ll tell you why.

I joined a book club… 5 years ago? Maybe 6? because my friend, the head librarian, started up the club at the library. The idea was that we all read the same book and discussed it. Fine. Easy. Except almost all of the books we’ve read are ones I wouldn’t have chosen and most I wouldn’t have read otherwise. We each toss in ideas for what to read each month and a few are ones I’ve picked, but I can say at least one of my choices was one I wouldn’t have read otherwise.

I also belonged, for a couple years, to a book club that involved reading whatever you read and bringing it to the group to discuss it. I wasn’t forced to read something I didn’t like or wouldn’t have chosen otherwise, so I wasn’t pushed as much as I could’ve been.

So why read books I wouldn’t otherwise and force myself to read out of my comfort zone? Because that way I can find books/authors I might not have without the push. Or I can say I’ve read that classic book that otherwise I wouldn’t have picked up. Or I can try that author everyone is raving about to see if the hype is worthy. I’ve found some good reads this way and some that I’ll never read again. I’ve found some I thought were interesting and others awful. But that’s me. What I tend to like is what the group dislikes and what they love tends to be the books I’m not wild about at all.

But that’s life. What about you? How do you feel about reading outside of your comfort zone?

Since you’re here, check out Billion Dollar Love: Manlove Edition. It’s dropping Feb 21st, but you can preorder it now. You’ll want to. This anthology looks hot!

Billion Dollar Love: Manlove Edition @LJLongo @LL_Summers @MeganSlayer Pelaam Victoria Vallo @Louisecwrites ~ Get ready 4 our billionaire bad boys…1 thing they have in common—when they finally fall in love, they fall hard. #gay #gayromance @evernightpub

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