Blogging Challenge ~ A Strange or Useless Talent I Have @meganslayer #talent

This week, the post concerns a useless or strange talent I might have. This topic has fascinated me because what I might consider strange could be something someone else thinks is normal. What I consider useless might be helpful to someone else might consider helpful.

But that’s me thinking too far into this.

So a talent I have that isn’t all that useful, except in special circumstances, has to be my ability to call kitties. Yes. Cats. We had a kitten from the neighbor’s home get stuck in our bramble bush. I sat on the edge of the bush and made kitty sounds to get him to come to me. The poor little thing was so scared. It worked. Then I did it again when one got stuck in the vent in our house. It was one of our kitties, but he’d decided the vent cover was open and he wanted to explore. He ended up fine and came when I made the noises. He lived a long life and passed away from cancer a couple years ago.

Is it a good talent? I don’t know. But it helped in those situations. I’ve always been able to annoy the dogs because apparently the sounds are so realistic they think there is a new kitty in the house.

Maybe it’s a good thing. Maybe not. What about you? What talent do you have that’s a little odd?

While you’re here, check out one of my cat themed stories, Cat Class.

Cat Class by @meganslayer #halloween #shifter #changelingpress @changelingpress #shortstory ~ This shifter’s got cat class and cat style, but can he win her heart? #PNR #kindleunlimited #kindle 

15 thoughts on “Blogging Challenge ~ A Strange or Useless Talent I Have @meganslayer #talent

    • Seems this talent only works outside and with vents. If I want the cats for anything beyond dinner time, then they want little to do with me. But I do have a knack with barn cats… hmm…

    • I would’ve thought they wouldn’t like me. I love kitties and want at least one over my lifetime that wants to sit on my lap, but i’ve yet to find the elusive feline. Oh well.

  1. I always find that the easiest way to get a cat’s attention is to wear the clothing in the opposite colour to the cat’s fur. It sounds like your method saves on lint rollers. 😀

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