Craving His Roar by @meganSlayer #PNR #Gay #gayromance #shifters

Craving His Roar By Megan Slayer

Sanctuary, Book 12

Paranormal Contemporary Romance

M/M, Anal Sex


SuperNova Indie Publishing

Jesse’s never stayed in one place for very long. Being a lynx shifter, he enjoys a solitary life. Then, like a bad joke, the lynx shifter walks into the bar to listen to a cover band. The singer isn’t anything he expects, but everything he desires. But can a human and shifter make a relationship work?

Colin knows two things: he wants a life beyond the Mad Dog bar and for his band, the Full Collins Experience, to play more than just Phil Collins cover songs. The moment he sees Jesse, he’s smitten. He knows nothing about shifters, but his heart craves Jesse. There’s no guarantee the twosome will go beyond the bedroom, but Colin’s willing to try.

Can the loner really find a mate? Will his mate be everything he craves? Or will the human run the other way?

SuperNova Indie Publishing:


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©Megan Slayer, 2018, All Rights Reserved

“Will you stay? Listen to the last set? Please?”

“Me?” Who else, dumb ass?

“Well, yeah. I didn’t send you a beer because I’m the welcoming committee. I did it because you’re hot and new. I’ve learned to move fast rather than be left behind,” Colin said. “So? Are you sticking around?”

“Aren’t you a cocky bastard? Behind that GQ smile is the heart of a cold-blooded heartbreaker.” Jesse laughed. “I wasn’t planning on sticking around, but you’ve got me thinking otherwise.”

“Yeah?” Colin’s grin widened. “You won’t regret it.”

“Probably not.”

“I’ll sing for you.” His eyes sparkled. “I will.”

“Nah.” He wasn’t the type anyone sang for or to. He tended to instill fear and put off people.

“No?” Colin held up a finger. “I need to go. Please come back inside. I want to see you when I’m singing.”

“I’m more of an open-air kind of guy. I’ll be here by my bike. I can listen from this point, and I’ll hear you. Do what makes you happy.” Since when had he started sounding like a motivational poster? “I’ll wait.”

“Then I’ll sing extra loud so I know you can hear me.” Colin surged up to Jesse. “By the way, I’m gay, single, clean and attracted to you. If you asked me to come home with you, I’d go in a heartbeat.” He batted his lashes then kissed Jesse on the cheek. “See you in forty-five minutes.”

Jesse wanted to move, but how? With Colin so close and the lynx scratching him up inside, what was he supposed to do? He grasped the front of Colin’s jacket and kept him close. “I’ll be here.”

“Good.” Colin kissed him, but this time on the mouth. He lingered another moment, brushed his nose along Jesse’s then pulled away.

Jesse stared at the place where Colin had been and massaged his temples. What the hell? Two hours ago, he’d wanted to remain a solitary man. He had no desire to have someone in his life. He could beat off at home. But now? Now, he stood outside of the bar waiting on GQ Colin to finish his cover song set list. What was worse, his lynx approved. Jesse had to be slipping. He wasn’t drawn to forward men, but something about Colin spoke to him. Colin was so different and handsome…and confident. Part of Jesse wanted to be appalled by Colin’s forwardness. The rest of him wanted to give into the lynx and mark the human as his own.

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