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This week’s challenge involves clothes, primarily what I wear when I write. This seems, initially, like a silly prompt. On first thought, I want to say, clothes, duh. But then some–not me–may write naked. I don’t know. I’m not wild about being naked without a good reason. Writing isn’t one of those reasons.

Then DO I wear when I write? Whatever I’m wearing at the time. I’m that kind of writer. If the story is flowing, I sit and write. If it’s not, I don’t. The only thing I’m particular about are my bracelets. I have to wear ones that aren’t metal otherwise they get magnetized against the keyboard. I can be found in the wild writing while wearing a hoodie (A favorite) and jeans or a tee and jeans. Sometimes, if it’s hot, a tee and shorts.

I’m seriously not a contender for fashion plate of the year. I want too be comfortable.

What about you? What do you wear when you write? When you read?

Let me know 🙂

While you’re here, check out Soft Granite, the latest in the Celestial Mates series!

Soft Granite by Megan Slayer

Contemporary Paranormal Gay Romance

From Evernight Publishing

Celestial Mates, 5

What happens when the curse goes wrong, but the outcome is all right?

Ryan Rourke wasn’t looking for love when he sat at the foot of the statue, Michael Emerging. The inanimate object listens and he could swear there’s someone beneath the granite. One night he gives into his desire and kisses the statue. It won’t hurt anything, right? It’s just a granite statue—except there’s a soul in the cold rock.

Indio fell in love with Ryan the moment the shy college junior spoke to him the first time. The tenderness, warmth, and sense of humor were everything Indio wanted—if he weren’t trapped in granite. The attraction is stronger than he ever thought possible. Can Ryan’s kiss free him forever? Or will the power of Zeus and the majesty of the curse be too much to overcome? If Indio has his way, he will get his man.

Available wherever ebooks are sold!





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