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This week the prompt involves a super power, mine to be exact. I’ve thought long and hard about this–no, my super power isn’t thinking. Heh heh. It’s not. But what is something I consider a super power? Something I’m good at, but also something original.

Ogling Captain America/Chris Evans probably isn’t much of a super power.

Then what might it be? Right now, my super power is boxing. Not brawling or fisticuffs, but boxing. I mean handling life’s situations in boxes. Right now, I’ll deal with this. I’m not thinking about something else. In a moment, I’ll deal with this other thing. Everything in a box until I can get to it or handle it.

Why, you might ask, would that be my super power? Doesn’t sound too heroic or cool. Might even sound like I’ve got issues–I can only do so much at one time. You’d be right. I’ve had a lot on my plate (haven’t we all) and the only way I can muddle through right now is to box things. A member of my family passed away at the beginning of the month and there are certain things I want to do. There are certain things that just aren’t important. So I can get through the day and manage everything I need to accomplish, I box.

So what about you? How do you deal? What’s your #wednesdaywisdom for me? What’s your super power? I’d love to know. 🙂

Here’s one of my books with dealing with one problem at a time featured, Finding Michael.

Finding Michael by Megan Slayer

Pride Publishing

Contemporary Erotic Gay Romance

Super Novel

Going home could be just the thing his muse needs and his heart desires.

Tristan Paulson needs the words to return. He loves his career penning novels of small-town love, but his muse has gone missing. If he can’t write, he can go back to his roots and sort through the items his newly deceased uncle left behind. Once in Sullavan, Ohio, he realizes just how much he loved the place. Then he sees the handsome librarian—Michael is just the kind of guy he’s always wanted. How can he go back to the big city when Sullavan calls to him?

Michael Kane wants nothing more than to be surrounded by his books and the written word. He knows heartbreak and isn’t in the mood to put himself out into the dating pool again…until he sees Tristan. He wants to be with Tristan, but he’s too shy. A handsome man like Tristan wouldn’t be interested in a quiet man like Michael…would he?

General Release Date: 20th February 2018, preorder up on 1/9

9 thoughts on “My Super Power ~ #wednesdaywisdom #superpower @meganslayer #bloggingchallenge

  1. My condolences on the loss of your relative. Boxing up difficult stuff until you have the time and energy to deal with it is a cool superpower. I struggle with that one at times.

    Thanks for stopping by my post today!

    • I’d like to think I’m good at it, but I’ll tell you, there are times when I see a photo of an orange cat or hear a hymn or see certain commercials and the boxes all tip over. Oh well. Thanks for you condolences. ❤

  2. I’m so sorry about your loss…. love you lots! And, I like the way you box things up to deal with later. I try to do everything and be everything for everyone sometimes. BTW.. I think you’re pretty awesome yourself, my friend!

  3. This is a true talent. I like your term boxing. Teaching psychology in high school it’s called compartmentalization. Boxing is much simpler.

  4. I think we’re all superheros if ogling attractive men counts! 🙂

    But good for you on the boxing – I’m too much in my own head sometimes for this, but it’s something I’ve been working on. Putting things aside and dealing with one issue at a time.

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