Books I Loved but Never Reviewed… with @meganslayer #books #reviews #bloggingchallenge #longandshortreviews

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So what books have I read that I never bothered to review? Or never wanted to review… Hmm…

This one is kind of tough. Not in that I didn’t love the book, but in that I have plenty of books I have loved and reviewed. Why? Because I did and I wanted everyone to know I did.

I don’t review as me. I’m not that clever. I work for a site that posts my reviews as not me. Confusing? Oh well.

So, which books did I love and not review? Oy…

I loved Bag of Bones by Stephen King and I’m sure I didn’t review it because I wasn’t sure where to start. It’s a complex story and it stuck with me to the point I dreamed about it and wasn’t sure if I’d read it or dreamed it. I like spooky and this one hit the mark.

I loved The Pelican Brief by John Grisham, even though I wasn’t wild about the movie. Denzel is the bomb, but the rest of the movie was…meh. That said, I loved the book. I devoured it in one sitting. Yep, I liked it that much.

Heart-Shaped Box by Joe Hill was another good one. I wanted to see the characters and understand them. It stayed with me far after the last page.

Now some might wonder why I don’t have a longer list or why this list isn’t all that inclusive…here’s why. These are the first three I thought of, but mostly, the other books, the cool books, the books by women, by lgbt authors, by AoC… I reviewed them. They don’t make this list. Oh sure, I could put them on, if I said I didn’t review them, but I did. 🙂 Seems like reviewing was the thing to do for a while (Still is) and I reviewed everything I read.

So what about you? What are your favorite books that you never reviewed?

15 thoughts on “Books I Loved but Never Reviewed… with @meganslayer #books #reviews #bloggingchallenge #longandshortreviews

  1. I get where you’re coming from here. Although I love to write reviews, sometimes it’s not easy, no matter how much you loved a book. Sometimes, the more you liked it, the harder it is. Weird, I know.

  2. I adored the Pelican Brief. I think it was the first Grisham book I read. (not his first, I don’t think) I still read Grisham.

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