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week 21

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This week’s post concerns the best gift I’ve ever been given. Well… this one is a tough one. Aren’t you getting tired of me saying that? Haha.

So the best gift I’ve ever been given has to be the orange cat my husband gave me about fifteen years ago. Unfortunately, I don’t have the orange baby any longer. He lived a nice, long life of almost fourteen years. I miss him every day. But I have to say he’d be the best gift ever.


When I was a kid, I had an orange cat. Now, my mother will say he was her cat and he probably was, but I rather liked this cat. Okay, I loved this cat. Unfortunately, he passed away and when he did, I was the one who found him. It scarred me. Ever since then, I wanted to adopt another orange kitty.

Fast forward a few years…I’m an adult and I’ve had two gray tabbies. At the time, I had one of the two. The older one passed away from kidney failure. So I’m at the local grocery store and I see this flyer for two orange kittens in need of a home. Now, I’m taken by these sweet babies. I head home and beg the husband to adopt one. What I didn’t know was he worked with the woman who’d posted the flyer. She had both babies. Because he knew I wanted one, he picked the one with the crooked tail (it had been broken at some point and even though it took a left turn and could make a U-turn, it still moved and he {the cat} whipped that tail around). He brought the orange baby home and surprised me with it. I was smitten from the first.

I don’t suggest giving pets as gifts. Unless you know the animal will be cared for, just don’t. In this case, he knew I wouldn’t turn down any animal, much less an orange baby. The orange baby was my baby, my shadow, my sidepiece, my writing partner… I miss him very much.


#adoptdontshop #rescuecats #rescuekitties #kitties

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