#evernighties 5-16-2019 @meganslayer #socialmedia #favorites #meganslayer

week 20

Find the other Evernighties posts on twitter and facebook under the hashtag #evernighties

I have to admit, this week’s prompt is rather tough. Why? I’m on social media often, but I don’t live and die by it. I don’t. I’ve joined social media platforms that poofed (anyone remember Infield Parking? Dale Earnhardt Jr.’s attempt at NASCAR social media?) I’ve been on those that never really worked out (RIP MySpace).

So which platform is my favorite?

Uh…. To be honest, none of them. I’d rather be reading or writing than futzing around on social media. But that’s the quick and dirty answer.

Which one is my favorite? I have to say for images, Instagram. I like being able to flip through and see the various animal pictures. Does it help my author brand?  I don’t know, but it’s fun to have a place to post pix of my dogs and cats. I haven’t figured out how to use Instagram on my laptop, so there’s that.

I rather like Facebook, too. It’s not my favorite, but I like that I can talk to many friends and fans that I wouldn’t otherwise be able to speak to because we live in different places. I can post about books and I have my own page. Twitter is okay, but I have yet to figure out the right hashtags.

What about you? Which platforms do you like the best? Maybe I’ll head there.

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