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I’m going to admit right off this isn’t my forte. I love to visit websites and listen to the occasional podcast, but I only read the blog roll in my blogging list or in my feed. Why? I just don’t think about it.

Some of my favorite websites to visit include IMDB (internet movie database) and alongside my publisher sites. I know. I’m a bad author. I should be all over the place visiting my pals. I do pass by, but it’s more like a drive-by. I tend to look up toys on bdsm sites (research!) and I may or may not have to check the Google Doodle each morning.

My podcasts would probably get me into trouble, but one of my favorites has to be Anna Faris Is Unqualified. I’ve loved her as an actress since The House Bunny and I love her personality. I love how she isn’t afraid to be blunt. In some ways, I’d like to be like her. (Okay, yes, she was married to Star Lord for a while and that’s not bad, but that’s not what drew me to her).

As for blogs, one of my favorites to read has to be Victoria Blisse’s blog. She talks about kink and her experiences. It’s very intimate and revealing. I love her perspectives. Plus, she’s a fab person.

What about you? Where do you like to go on the internet? What are your favorite blogs, podcasts and websites?


14 thoughts on “Wednesday Blogging Challenge 3/27/2019 @MeganSlayer #longandshortreviews #blogging #websites #podcasts #meganslayer #research

  1. IMDB is such a useful site. I use it a lot, too.

    Have you met Victoria Blisse in person? I couldn’t quite tell from the way you wrote about her and her site. 🙂

    My post.

  2. You are the second person who mentioned IMDB so I definitely have to check it out. We have a lot in common about podcasts. I must mention most of the blogs I visit are cooking blogs.

    Nice blog.

    • I can’t cook. I’ve tried and burn stuff. The only thing I made that I didn’t screw up was Pavlova…once.

      I love IMDB. But I love trivia and tidbits that are pretty much useless everywhere else. Lol!

  3. IMBD is one I use a lot when my hubby is watching TMC and he wants to know who a certain actor is and what year it was made. I’m the movie secretary. 😉

    Interesting post. I’d check out a few of them, but will make sure no kids are standing behind me. LOL

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