#Evernighties Post 3-14-2019 @meganslayer #blogchallenge #thingsIneverwanttodoagain #meganslayer #evernightpub

week 12

This week’s #evernighties post concerns contests. Want to find the other #evernighties posts? Check them out by looking for the #evernighties hashtag on twitter!

So my contest experiences… I’ve got a mixed bag. I tend not to enter contests concerning authors and books because other authors tend to see I’m an author, so I don’t win. I don’t mind. I don’t tend to visit the page to enter the contests.

I did do a blog hop once and to help bolster numbers, I visited the sites. I’m a reader, too, right? I wanted to visit the sites of the authors I liked and discover ones I didn’t know yet. I don’t know if the hits were small or if I just happened to be lucky, but I did win a couple of the contests. That was fun.

I did do a contest once that wasn’t a good experience at all. Looking back, I should’ve seen it was a catfish situation. I should’ve known it wouldn’t end well. I saw a short story contest and a friend was involved with it, so I thought, oh what the hell. I’ll try it. Turns out it was a popularity contest but I managed to win–I think. They told me I won. Said I’d get the prize, which was publication and a small cash prize. Needless to say, I never got the cash and the publication came when I waited three years and put the book out on my own. I have no idea whatever happened with the contest, but I do know the website shut down shortly thereafter and I never heard from the organizers. It wasn’t good.

What about you? I’m terrible at raffles. I might as well just give the money to the raffle and forget the tickets.

What about you? How are you with contests, raffles and the like? I’d love to know!

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