#Evernighties Post 3-7-2019 @meganslayer #advice #iamwriting #meganslayer #evernightpub

week 10

Hi #evernighties reader! This week’s post concerns things only my family would understand. On one hand, this is sort of silly. If only my family understands, then why explain it? But on the other, it’s kind of fun to talk about stuff I share with just the fam.

One of the things only my family understands has to be my name for my child. I don’t refer to him on social media by his name. He has one, but unless you’re family, then you don’t know his real name isn’t Tot. The name came from a toy he had when he was a baby. Toby the Tot Bot. For whatever reason, Tot stuck. He gets upset if I refer to any other small children types as Tot because that’s his nickname.

Another thing only my family would understand is the reason I wear the Wonder Woman insignia on my necklace and wrist. I keep the insignia with me at all times. Why? If you asked the fam, they’d tell you. The reason is my favorite dog–they’re all my favorites, but this one was the first dog that chose me, not the boys or whomever else–had a Wonder Woman dress. She wore that dress often. I don’t know if she loved it or if she just liked being warm. But that dress was hers. People saw her and said, aw, it’s wonder pup. When she passed, I buried her with that dress. I couldn’t bring myself to keep it. That was hers. So to commemorate her, DH and Tot bought a necklace and bracelet with the WW on it. Sister would’ve loved that–or licked it. She was big on ‘if I lick it, it’s mine.’

Those are only two things, but if I shared everything, then it wouldn’t be secret. My family wouldn’t be the only ones in the know. Grin. What about you? What’s one thing that only your family understands about you?

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