#Evernighties Post 2-28-2019 @meganslayer #advice #iamwriting #meganslayer #evernightpub

week9Be sure to check out the other #evernighties posts! You won’t want to miss them.

Now for my take on the topic. Whew… If I were stuck on an island, I wouldn’t be there because I wanted to be. Okay, but if Chris Evans/Captain America said we’re going… I’d go. I’m not silly. That said, what would I invent? I hate to say it, but I’m not an engineering kind of girl. I try to put stuff together and tend to wound myself or it just doesn’t work. I don’t have that kind of brain. Want me to create a story? I’m there.

So what would I invent? Probably paper and something to write with. I’d have to keep myself occupied – that is if I’m alone on the island. ‘Cause…you know. If there’s someone else there, emblazoned with a red, white, and blue star… well, you know.

That’s what I’d invent. Something to write on and write with. What about you? What would you invent?

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