#evernighties Thursday Blog Challenge 1/31/19 @meganslayer #evernightpub #romance #influence #books


This week’s challenge involves a book that’s influenced my life. There are three. I know. I can’t just pick one. That would be easy (not!).

One would have to be Green Eggs and Ham. Yep. I learned to read that book all by myself and I loved it. I also loved how the character changed his mind. He saw something and didn’t like it, but once he tried it, he realized change wasn’t bad. I’ve tried to embrace that motto in my life. At least try it–then decide if you don’t like it.

Another book is The Stand. I’ve read it three times (the unabridged version) and find new bits I’d forgotten from the previous read. I love the resilience of the characters. But what’s stuck with me the most has to be the simple notion that one wrong move could change everything. One patient with the wrong disease, or one no one understands, can change everything in good or bad ways. It’s like Red Dawn. Spooky.

The third book has to be Regularly Scheduled Life. Sean and Kyle are normal guys. They life normal lives until a shooter changes everything. I worked in a school and we had a scare involving a threat made toward a handful of students. We were on lockdown and my classroom was on the end of the building where it could’ve been targeted if someone had wanted to. This book resonated with me because things can change in an instant. It’s how we pull ourselves back up (like in Regularly Scheduled Life) that’s the thing.

What books influenced you? Be sure to check out the other posts from the #evernighties!

In the meantime, here’s a little bit about my latest, award-winning, novella from Evernight Publishing, Soft Clay!

Soft Clay by Megan Slayer clay

book 4 in the Celestial Mates series

#paranormal #romance #kindle

Celestial Mates, 4

Two souls trapped—can they find freedom in each other’s arms?

Nike, the goddess of speed, can’t move. She’s the goddess of strength and she can’t shatter her curse. The goddess of victory has lost her weapons—her shield and spear. She put her faith in a human, only to be cursed. Can another human be the key to her salvation and freedom from the clay?

Charlie needs someone who can understand him. A person to cherish him. Male or female, he doesn’t care. He’s intrigued by Nike’s statue. Call him infatuated. But she’s a statue and they don’t come to life from true love’s kiss, do they?

Get your copy at any of these locations:







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