Paint My World by @MeganSlayer #ir #interracial #romance #shortstory

Paint My World paint

Club Rules, #3

by Megan Slayer

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Spring means open windows and open hearts.

Danielle Lane isn’t looking for anything other than paint when she goes into the home improvement shop in town. She’s not ready to offer up her heart again, but the sexy man behind the paint counter is making her think twice.

Garrett Granger has everything he ever wanted—except honest love. Working at the local hardware store suits him just fine. But the moment Dani walks into the store, he’s ready to give up his single life for a chance with the sexy woman.

Will this spring fling turn into something more or flop by the end of the night?

Search Terms: Contemporary, Romance, Heterosexual Romance, Short Story, Interracial Romance, Erotic Romance, Contemporary Erotic Romance



“I thought it was time for a change.” She folded her hands. Being near Garrett brought back so many memories, and most of them included her watching him playing football. He hadn’t noticed her back in the day, but seemed to know her now.

“Painting is a good release. You can roll over the old memories and make new ones.” He tapped the keys on the touchpad. “At least once a year, I paint one or two of the rooms in my house. The walls will probably close in on me one of these days from all those layers of paint. Gloss, eggshell or flat?”

Oh crap. She hadn’t thought about the finish. Eggshell would look nice, but would it show the dirt faster? “Do you have semi-gloss?”

“Let me check.” Garrett strolled away from the counter and down the aisle of paint cans. As he walked, his ass swayed a bit. His jeans clung to his muscular legs like a second skin and the T-shirt stretched across his torso, defining every ripple and bulge in his body.

Dani pressed her knees together. Warmth spread over her. She shouldn’t look at him like a potential lover, but damn. The package he presented hit all her buttons the right way. He’d captured his blond hair in a ponytail. Some women weren’t keen on guys with long hair. Not Dani. She wanted to be able to run her fingers through the light tresses or pull on them during sex.

She’d like to have sex with Garrett and pull his hair as he drove into her. She shivered. She wondered what he’d be like in bed. Hot and hurried or slow and steady? She dug her fingernails into her thigh. Shit. Here she was in a sloppy T-shirt and sweatpants and thinking about stripping Garrett down for sex.





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