Monday Morning Armchair Quarterback ~ Preseason #2 @meganslayer #football


For the second week of preseason, there were even more comments and funny bits. I can’t wait to share them with you.

“Good job staying up and fighting for everything he could get.” ~ What’d you expect? For him to roll over and quit?

“Waiting for the tight end to break open.” ~ Is he a watermelon? Pumpkin?

“Not many balls on the field.” ~ They’re nervous. They’ll get better.

“One of the most dynamic players in the league.” ~ He’s a winner.

“Who else can do that? This guy on the edge.” ~ He’s that winner.

“Coming on the inside.” ~ Messy.

“Penetrates the left side.” ~ As opposed to all of it?

And my favorite:

“Hits the soft spot and you don’t want to do that.” ~ Um… Which one? I mean, being mean isn’t cool, so there’s that, but… Maybe the soft spot is a favorite? Still, you shouldn’t hit.


Stay tuned for more Monday Morning Armchair Quarterback posts. 🙂


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