Clean vs Dirty by @meganslayer #iamwriting #iamthinking #writing

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I did an author event recently where a participating author spoke about her writing. Cool, right? Sure. I enjoyed her presentation. I bought a few of her books.

But something she said stuck with me. It’s still stuck in my head, to be honest. She mentioned she writes sweet because she wanted to write something her peers and family wouldn’t be ashamed of knowing she’d written. Something clean.

Initially, I thought I’m not ashamed – I mean, I write what I think is at the best of my ability. Who would want to sell stuff that’s not their best? Not me. We all want to do our best.

But I knew what she really meant. Clean writing is better than dirty. If you write clean then you have nothing to be ashamed of. People won’t look down on you for what you’ve penned. What if you’re writing something with sex? According to her mentality, then you should hide it and it’s shameful.

I’m not ashamed of what I write and well, much of what I write isn’t clean. Far from it. I’ve penned some clean reads, but for me, dirty is more fun. I’m not going to lie and say that’s not me on that story. If it’s clean or dirty, then fine. I wrote it.

Everyone likes what they like—me included. Sometimes I want a clean read, but most of the time I want something a lot hotter. I don’t care who knows what’s on my kindle because that’s my tastes. If you’re all for clean reads, then that’s great. If not, that’s great, too. I want everyone to be an individual and read the heat level that makes them happy.

Are my peers ashamed of my writing because it’s dirty? I don’t know. Are they ashamed because they might believe it’s not my best? Hey, it happens. Either way, it’s fine. I do what I think is my best and want my readers to be happy. Isn’t that supposed to be the plan? It is for me and I’m good with it.



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