Taking a Break with @meganslayer #smbreak #socialmedia #holiday

Old_book_bindings 1

I decided I’d take a break yesterday. No writing – except in my notebook – and no social media. No email, either. To some, that’s like a death sentence. How dare I not want to check social media or see what’s going on? How could I not want to fiddle with my email?

Easy. Yesterday was Easter. A family holiday. I wanted to spend the day with the family, not worrying about what might happen online.

I loved it. We had fun. Had a nice dinner, watched two movies and had a good time. I enjoyed myself. Oh, and I had chocolate.

But I kind of felt guilty. Not because I wasn’t online. I liked the break. It was refreshing. What made me feel guilty was when I got a reminder telling me I wasn’t online. I was missing out. How dare I not want to be where the action is? How could I not post in my group, post on my page or blog?

Because I wanted a break. I preset the blog for yesterday and ignored my facebook…everything. I do feel a little guilty. I mean, writing is my passion and my business. This is how I feed my family. You buy the books I write and I can buy school supplies and food. I should be out there pimping my books and promoting sales. I should. But…I didn’t want to…just for a day.

But everyone needs a break now and then. I needed to reset my brain. I’m glad I did. My brain is much happier. What about you? Do you need a day or two to reset? Or are you full-on all the time?

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