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This week for the Saturday Seven, here’s my list for my seven favorite characters on the television show M*A*S*H. I don’t remember watching much of the show during the initial run because I wasn’t old enough to view it. Plus, it was on after I went to bed. But in the years since it ended the initial run, I’ve watched the show many times. I love it. It’s like an old friend. I laugh, cry and have to watch until the end. There’s only one other show that catches me the way M*A*S*H does, but that’s for another list.

This isn’t in any particular order. As I’ve been thinking about the characters, it’s hard to whittle them down, much less put them in a countdown order.

7. Frank – The guy was misunderstood and kind of a jerk. Props to the actor who played him. Instead of playing him as a total jerk, he infused some heart into Frank. Okay, the guy had a few contemptible attributes, but who is perfect? Not me.

6. Col Potter – He’s the grandpa I always wanted. I had two grandfathers, but they weren’t as….outwardly caring as Col Potter. Plus, he had a horse. I didn’t want a horse, but I wanted to ride one, just to say I did. (It took until I was a mom and over 25, but I did finally get to ride a horse.)

5. Klinger – how he wore those heels in so many episodes. I give him props for that. I can’t wear heels and I’m supposed to have grace. He rocks.

4. Margaret – she totally grew through the course of the show. I liked how she evolved. She wasn’t just a puppet or arm candy. She came into her own and she embodied strong to me.

3. Henry – when his plane went down, I cried. I cry every time I watch that episode. He made me laugh and I liked his big heart.

2. Trapper – I always thought he was the handsome one. Women liked Hawkeye, but Trapper was the one I liked. It’s his smile.

1. Hawkeye – when I was a kid, I wanted him to be my dad. I don’t know why. He’s a letch on the show, but I liked him.

I know I forgot a few characters. Radar, Father Mulcahy, Charles, BJ… Yeah, I forgot a few. But the list only allows for seven. Grin. What about you? Who would you put in your top seven? Which show would you list characters for? I’m game to know.


10 thoughts on “Saturday Seven ~ MASH Characters with @Meganslayer #saturdayseven #mash #tv #list #seven #longandshortreviews

    • I don’t know if it was the longest running show. I think Law&Order was longer. But it had the biggest audience for the final show in the series. You should check it out. 🙂

  1. We watched this as a family. One of my grandfather’s favorite shows. I’ve seen every single episode. Personally, I like the older version better. Frank, Trapper…it was more like the book and movie. That said, I love Potter but Henry Blake will forever be in my heart. I’ve never cried for a character like I did for him. He deserved to go home and be with Lorain but never did.

    And yes, Trapper was better looking. His eyes and smile. *swoon*


  2. I loved M.A.S.H. I used to watch the reruns that can on late at night and had a army green T-shirt that said M.A.S.H 4077 Vodka Hawkeyes brew. It got so worn out it became see through. Man I miss that
    Hawkeye was always my favorite. And I felt the same way about Col. Potter. He’s that guy you know you can sit down with and just talk. And prob. gain some quiet wisdom. I liked Radar, he was like the innocent kid that you’re glad they keep out of the line of fire.

  3. Oh wow … your timing is eerie. Did you hear David Ogden-Stiers passed yesterday? I really liked his character even if he was a bit stuffy. I remember watching M*A*S*H when it was first run episodes on prime time, and I actually still have the TV Guide that celebrated their final episode. ❤

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