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I love my local Friends of the Library group. Love them. The ladies are awesome and the events they’ve planned are fabulous. To raise awareness for the library and group, they threw a Cheeseburger in Paradise event, involving…cheeseburgers and books! They’ve got the used book sale every November, too. It’s always a good time.

I’ve mentioned it before, but they’ve got a smallish author event called Books and Brunch. It’s pretty straightforward. There are authors talking about their books…and brunch is served. Cool, eh?

I’ve said I’m helping with this event. I totally respect anyone who throws an author event. There’s so much to do! I don’t know how they get it all accomplished. Sometimes I feel like I’m drowning.

Yesterday, for example, I had gone to help inventory items for the brunch, but it was also an inventory the things the group has so we can say it was inventoried. This is a fine job if everyone is on the same wavelength or at least working together. But we tried to sort out things for the brunch, things to toss, things to reorganize and before we knew it, we had a mess. Then we sorted books. I didn’t get a chance to stick around for that because I had to get to the dentist. Wooo hooo. Dentists!

But before I left the Fire Station – we share the building – I had to pick up more things to bring home to do for the brunch. Need author pictures and banners? That’s me. Bios and decor for the author tables? You’re looking at the artist. Anything written and sent to the papers for promo? I’m your girl. Writing for the posters and chalkboards? Right here. Various banners and gift bag ideas…you guessed it. Me. The other ladies helping are doing so much, too. It’s not all on me. But every so often, I wonder if I can get it all accomplished.

Then yesterday happened. I finished the placemats for the authors – a special mat to mark where an author will sit at the various larger tables during the brunch. We decided on a cozy mystery theme, so I went with puzzle pieces. They turned out great and the ladies loved them. Worked for me. That’s when it happened–I didn’t feel so overwhelmed. Oh, I still feel a little in over my head, but not so much now. I got one accomplishment down and the road doesn’t feel as bumpy. If I can do one, I can get the rest done.

Writing’s like that, too. You think you’re in over your head and you probably are, but then something happens that makes it worthwhile and a tad easier. A positive review, a contract, constructive feedback…kind words on social media. Hey, we all need it. So when you’re considering that con or deciding on buying a book, think about the work that went into it and maybe leave a kind word or two when you’re done. We all need that little push and encouragement. 🙂

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