Herding Cats and Writing with @meganslayer #iamwriting Or at least trying

_Penfield Book 1

I’ve had more than a few things on my mind of late. Seems like every time I turn around, something else pops up. Family illness, pet illness, herding cats that includes no cats… and I can’t write. I’ve got the ideas there. Heck, I’ve got a whole new set of characters talking to me, but being in charge of everyone seems to have ripped my focus to crap.

Please don’t consider this a pity party. It’s not. I’m trying something new–honesty. I’ve tried to keep everything together and a positive attitude. I was once told by a very wise author that what you post online should be positive. I agree. I’ve always tried to keep on the bright side of life (yes, cue Monty Python). But today I hit a breaking point.

I won’t go into details, but it’s been a bit tough.

But as Gloria Gaynor said, I will survive.

I won’t break your ears by singing, but I will survive. I’ll get the writing thing back on track and I’ll even get a few other things sorted out. I needed this one moment to fall apart so I can build back up stronger than ever. Maybe I can even make myself into the Six-Million Dollar Woman.  (Yeah, you got that reference).

It’s worth a shot. 🙂

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