Just When You Think You Have All Your Ducks in A Row… with @meganslayer #plans

A skating party? (3328576969)

I make plans. I do. I try to have a schedule, too.  I like schedules.  I like knowing what will happen. Ask my family. I’m not wild about surprises. Like, don’t throw a surprise birthday party. They make me uncomfortable. I’d rather have an idea what’s coming, versus the unknown.

So this week has been a challenge in patience for me. I knew taking the cats to the vet would happen. They were up for their yearly shots. It happens. I’ve known my mother wasn’t doing great because she hasn’t since been well since December 30th. But the phone call saying she’s in the hospital again jarred me. She’s my mom. I can’t imagine not having her around, even if she does drive me crazy. I’ve been back and forth to the hospital trying to make sense of what’s going on. She seems better, but that’s a matter of what day.

Then I had to take my dog to the vet because she’s declining. I know she’s not great off, but I didn’t think she was this bad. She conked her eye and had blood in it. That’s not a huge thing, but it’s still something. Then she got an infection in that eye, so it’s swollen. On top of all that, she’s not eating unless it’s cat food. Yeah, not good. We go back to the vet on Tuesday.

All of this excitement is putting the serious kibosh on writing.  I can’t seem to focus or get anything done. I need writing to settle my mind and to put that extra energy to good use. Don’t confuse this for heartlessness. I want everyone to get better and I want my dog around a lot longer. I’m just…I need to write. I need that creative outlet.

We’ll see. Here’s to good thoughts and getting those ducks sorted out.

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