Monday Morning Armchair Quarterback, Regular Season, Week 7 #football #funny @meganslayer


Gotta love football. The fun, the games, the excitement… I can’t get enough. I’ve watched the other games, but not my Bengals. Why? It seems to be working for them when I don’t watch, but take in the other games, so I’m going with it. Yes, I’m superstitious. Grin.

Let’s launch right into the Honorable Mentions because it’s time to laugh:

“Moved out of the box; brings it.” 

Where is he taking it to?

“Using a bunch of tight ends.”

Because he doesn’t believe in one and done.

“Just flips it out there.”

He’s the favorite for a reason.

“Wearing on you and eventually pull away.”

Is that like wearing you down? Then changing his mind? I’m not sure.

Now for the Quotes from Week 7. Sometimes…yeah, just think before you speak. This is live TV.

“Snap it out; strung it out.”

Then do-se-do. Whoop!

“Rotating a lot of bodies.”

He plows through until he finds the right one.

“All that handing off; their splitting.”

That’s too bad. They’re good together. I wish they could’ve made it work.

“Fakes it hard, held onto it, releases it.”

Because he wants to tease until the climax is past due.

“He comes inside.”

Because he finally let them have the orgasm.

“I didn’t get much meat in there.”

Then find another guy. Fill out the meat portion. It’s not hard. Duh.

Now for the Doozy of the Week. There is always one quote that just…blows the mind. This one is a real ringer. 

“Rubbin’ one off.”

In the middle of the field? Really? With everyone watching? What a kink! I bet he’s popular.

~ ~ ~

Side notes:

  • Gruden sure got stuck on Clowney. He’s a great player, but good grief, you’d think they were dating. At least that Gruden had a serious Joe Buck style crush.
  • Why does every commentator have to compare every team to the Steelers? There are other teams out there. The Steelers have been good, but come on. Compare to the Patriors, the Bears or anyone else.
  • Another thing…when the clips are shown, why does every team have to be shown playing against the Bengals or Browns? Again, there are other teams and I’m sure not every team has their best plays against those two teams. Showing the highlights of another team playing the Browns isn’t fair–the Browns aren’t that great. Make the highlights come from a good game, not a rout.

**Here’s to a good season, less CTE, more great plays and lots of fun! My Bengals are starting to look better. Whew. Oh, and WHO DEY!**



Andy Dalton, #14, Quarterback for the Cincinnati Bengals
By Melissa Batson (Own work) [CC-BY-SA-3.0

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