Monday Morning Armchair Quarterback, Regular Season, Week 5 #football #funny @meganslayer


It’s that time…time to laugh. We need a few laughs right now since it’s not been a great week. Let’s launch right into the Honorable Mentions:

“He’s got a big arm.” 

Ah, but what’s he doing with it?

“He’s nothing if not entertaining.”

Well, with that big arm, of course.

“Opening more holes than we’ve seen tonight.”

It’s that big arm, man!

“Would love to stack the box.”

If he’s using that big arm, then there might not be enough room, but feel free to try.

Now for the Quotes from Week 5. Sometimes…yeah, just think before you speak. This is live TV.

“Look at that penetration.”

It’s the arm.

“Soon you’re clutching underneath.”

Clutching or clenching?

“Leading into the hole.”

Like a honing device.

“Complimentary receiver.”

If where he’s leading is wanting, then more the merrier.

“Right on top of him.”

Because he’s the complimentary receiver.

“You may feel some pressure and you’ll have to step up.”

Is this football, sex or an exam from a doctor? Jeebus.

Now for the Doozy of the Week. There is always one quote that just…blows the mind. This one is a real ringer. 

“I didn’t get much meat there.”

He was talking about a sandwich, but since we’re in the midst of a football game…it just sounds sexist and kinky. Maybe they like that meat in there.

~ ~ ~

Side notes:

  • What’s with the pointing out the obvious? We saw it. Don’t circle it, too.
  • What’s the questioning and re-questioning the refs? Just show the play and let it play out. Don’t try to be the ref. You have no idea what you’re doing..

**Here’s to a good season, less CTE, more great plays and lots of fun! I haven’t thrown in the towel on the Bengals, but good grief, we’ve got to start looking better. Sheesh. Oh, and WHO DEY!**



Andy Dalton, #14, Quarterback for the Cincinnati Bengals
By Melissa Batson (Own work) [CC-BY-SA-3.0

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