#Football is Coming! #footballisfamily #footballislife @meganslayer

There is football this weekend. Okay, so it’s the Hall of Fame game and some discount it. I don’t care. There will be football. I’m not into the big hits or the controversy. I just want to watch a great game. I’m excited to see the fun and thrill of the game. I know there will be some craziness. I know the league really needs to do more about the CTE (Chronic Traumatic Encephalopathy) because there are players who left the game and are really in a bad way. But there is football. I’m happy. I’m going to watch and cheer. I’m also going to write down those comical things the ridiculous commentators say because it is coming on to Football Funnies time. Grin. Plus, I might have to work on another football story. It feels about time to do so and there are characters talking to me.


Paul Brown Stadium in Cincinnati.<br> Photo shot by Derek Jensen (Tysto), 2005-August-04 {{cc-by-2.0}} Category:Cincinnati, Ohio Category:Stadiums


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