Monday Movie Rundown ~ The Lego Batman Movie

Monday Movie Rundown Banner I watched quite a few movies this weekend, but the one that stuck with me for this post was the Lego Batman movie.

I wanted fun and this movie was that. Yes, it’s one gigantic product push, but I didn’t care. I liked the lesson in the movie–you have to allow people to help you from time to time and family comes in all different forms.

It was funny, silly and not at all a normal dour Batman movie. I’m glad I saw it. Will Arnett makes a great Batman and Michael Cera made a good Robin. They played off each other well and like I said, it was fun. If you want a movie that will whisk you away for a couple of hours and will entertain the whole family, then this might be the movie for you.


2 thoughts on “Monday Movie Rundown ~ The Lego Batman Movie

  1. I didn’t enjoy it too much. I personally felt it was more for adults than kids. All the cameos were WAY before my 5yo son’s time. The only part he was very excited about was the Batman Shuttle. The moral was a good one, but it was a little too Sponge Bob/Will Ferrell for me.

    • I knew it would be a tad cornball going in, so that didn’t bother me. Was it appropriate for 5 yr olds, probably not really. But I get what you mean. Thanks for commenting.

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