Monday Morning Armchair Quarterback ~ Draft Edition with @MeganSlayer


I couldn’t let the draft go by without checking for quotes and I wasn’t let down. Not a bit. These guys really need to think before they speak. Ha! But it’s a boon for me and my readers. But before I forget, John Ross for the Bengals.  I’m for the pick. Yes. Who Dey!!!

Now, about those quotes…

“He’s got get-off and burst.” 

Hee hee. Hopefully he doesn’t make a mess, too.

“Dominating physical presence.”

He’s a big guy. He’d better be dominating.

“Creating separation with power.”

Because anything less is uncivilized.

“He loves tight ends; loves receivers.”

Enough said.

“Finds the hole and fills it.”

Probably what he’s supposed to do. It’s appreciated.

“He can’t carry a major load.”

Because it’s already spent.

“Quick and responsive.”

Better than slow and lazy.

“He’s got the arm; he’s got the athletic ability…but can he be competitive in the pocket?”

That’s up to him. If he can use what he’s got, then he’s fine. If not, then they’ve got issues.



Andy Dalton, #14, Quarterback for the Cincinnati Bengals
By Melissa Batson (Own work) [CC-BY-SA-3.0

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