Monday Morning Armchair Quarterback ~ The Big Game Commercials

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I’m only linking to the commercials I liked the best. Here’s my rundown of MY top 6 funny/touching/heartwarming S*u*per *Bowl* commercials:

Honorable Mention for Just Plain Funny, but Painful: Melissa McCarthy/Kia

Honorable Mention for Girl Power and the Power of Dad: Audi

Honorable Mention for the Power of Believing in Yourself: Honda

Honorable Mention for Togetherness and Never Giving Up: 84 Lumber

6. Terry Bradshaw – Tide Stain – props for building social media awareness on it. Plus, it was totally believable that Bradshaw would be wearing his dinner. Watch it here:

5.Buick – Cam Newton/Miranda Kerr – I loved the little boy who was open. He’s open! Until he realizes Cam Newton will throw it…then maybe not. Watch it here:

4. Yellow Tail Wine – Want to Pet My Roo? My Roo Needs to Breathe. Hey, they got innuendo into the big game. Watch it here:

3. NFL – Football is Family – the babies conceived as a result of the big game. I loved the Belichick baby. Too cute. Watch it here:

2. Mr. Clean – Gotta love a man who cleans. Mr. Clean shaking his groove thing. Too funny. Watch it here:

1. Ford – Everyone gets into jams… I ask you…why didn’t anyone help the cat? Yes, he’s content, but still. Help the cat. Watch it here:

Which one was your favorite? Which stood out to you? Let me know!

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