Christmas, Shifters and Snow…Oh My!

It’s time for Blissemas and snow. Okay, so there’s not much snow here right now. Ohio tends to be picky about when we get the white stuff. Out of the last twenty Christmases,

probably only five or less times we’ve had snow on the big day. I don’t mind…I’m not thrilled about driving in snow. But a nice, pretty dusting to five inches on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day makes the holiday so pretty.

I do know someone… a whole bunch of someones who love snow. My shifters. Of course, most of them are lion shifters and they’re not fond of the cold, but I’ve got a few others…panthers, snow leopards, tigers and they do like snow–or at least snuggling in the snow to keep warm. Their human counterparts do, too.

I mean, what’s more fun on a snowy day than cuddling up to a big cat? All of that fur and body heat. There’s a lot of warmth to be shared. I like running my fingers through the fur and listening to the rumble of the shifters sleeping. It’s lulling.

Another thing about shifters and Christmas is the ornaments. Sounds silly, doesn’t it? A shifter and ornaments? But it’s not. If one of those shiny Christmas balls tumbles to the floor, its anybody’s guess where it’ll end up. If they’re in their cat form, they’ll bat that ball all over everywhere. It’s a funny sight to see.

Here’s a little bit about my shifters in Unleashing His Roar 🙂


Unleashing His Roar unleashing-his-roar

Sanctuary, Book 7

M/M, Anal Sex, Masturbation

Paranormal, Contemporary, Lion Shifters/Panther Shifters

From Resplendence Publishing

Cover art by Kris Norris

** An AllRomance Ebooks Bestseller!**

Wanted: a shifter. Must be caring, understanding, open-minded and looking for a shifter in return.

Zeus knew from the beginning he was different. Where the other lion shifters had paired up, he was still single. All he wants is a partner and finds a dating app on his phone. Will the app lead him to the man of his dreams or to a disaster just waiting to happen?

Justin isn’t where he wants to be. He knows shifters aren’t supposed to work for the humans, but due to a circumstance that spiraled out of his control…he’s in over his head. He wants out and when he spies Zeus on the dating app, he’s willing to risk everything to get to the lion shifter. He believes Zeus might be the one to help him move beyond his past and unleash his roar.

Will the panther and lion find each other or will Justin’s past keep them apart?

 Available at:

Resplendence Publishing:–unleashing-his-roar-sanctuary-book-seven-by-megan-slayer.html


AllRomance Ebooks:





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