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Since it’s ten years published for Victoria Blisse – love her! – I’m celebrating with her. Congrats, hon! If you haven’t read her work, you should. It’s fab!

For my celebration, I’m posting my snog from my latest release, Beautiful Music Together. I might have listened to a little too much jazz during the writing of this story, but who is counting? I hope you love it as much as I do. 🙂

Beautiful Music Together BeautifulMusicTogether_Slayer_KJacen.jpg

Megan Slayer

From MLR Press

Contemporary, M/M, Anal Sex


Artwork by Kris Jacen


Can these two opposites find the right rhythm?

Jon Kagan likes his life. He’s carefree unless he’s in the recording studio with his trumpet. Then he’s serious as hell. He plays the field like he does the notes on each track, but the single life isn’t fun any longer. He wants a lover and partner. But how can he find the man of his dreams when the only people he spends time with are the same musicians night after night? He’s convinced he won’t–until he meets Benny. Then all bets are off.

Benny Walters burns the midnight oil, too, but not in the music business. He’d rather work on houses than play tunes. Putting in a good sweat over a flooring job or painting a room makes him happy–almost as much as watching the hot guy who jogs across the neighborhood in the middle of the day. When he finally talks to Jon, sparks fly. He’d love to get to know Jon better, but confidence isn’t his strong point. Will he be able to get beyond his past and find the future he deserves?

Love happens in the strangest places, especially when it hits all the right notes.

Available from MLR Press:


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Now for an EXCERPT:

©Megan Slayer, 2016, All Rights Reserved

“Would it gain me any points if I said I dressed like this to get your attention?”

“It might snag you a few.” Try the whole lot of points. Good Lord. Benny resisted the urge to drool.

“Cool.” Jon sighed. “So what are you working on today?”

“Screwing up the courage to ask why you dressed for me,” he blurted.

Jon stepped closer and smoothed the wrinkles in Benny’s shirt. “Because you’re handsome and I got the feeling you were interested.” He dropped his voice to a whisper. “I’ve got a thing for knights in shining armor, too.”

He’d forgotten about his rescue attempt. “Just doing my job.” He tried to sound casual, but nervousness crept in anyway.

Jon inched up to him, close enough for his breath to warm Benny’s cheeks. “Please tell me you’re gay and single, because I really don’t want to look stupid when I kiss you,” Jon said.

“You want to kiss me?” Benny stared into Jon’s eyes. Guys like Jon were out of his league. They wanted flashy men—not ones that worked with their hands.

“I’ve wanted to since the moment I first saw you.” Jon curled his fingers under Benny’s chin. “So?”

“I’m gay and single…yes.” He paused a moment to collect his thoughts. “I’m nervous. Sorry.”

“I make you nervous?” Jon rested his free hand on Benny’s hip.

Benny nodded. He couldn’t say anything else.

“Scared is good.” Jon bridged the gap between them and kissed Benny. Not forceful, but not super gentle. Commanding with a bit of sweetness. Jon swiped his tongue across Benny’s bottom lip, then nipped him.

Damn. Benny melted a little. The heat outside was nothing compared to the fever within him. He hooked his fingers on his belt loops. “Nice.”

Jon rested his forehead against Benny’s. “How long until you’re done for the day?”


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