Monday Movie Rundown on… Thursday

Monday Movie Rundown Banner

The Monday Movie Rundown is moving! Okay, to today…Thursday. 🙂 This gives me a little more time to write out my thoughts and also Monday reverts to the Football Funnies for the duration of football season.

So… what did I watch this week? Quite the mixture.

Sisters ~ Tina Fey and Amy Phoeler ~ This one definitely wasn’t the laughfest it could’ve been and that’s a good thing. There were moments that choked me up, like the growth chart. It’s the mom in me coming out. Then there were times that…yeah…the apple butt dance and the ballerina. You’ll have to watch it for those to make sense, but definitely a good run down memory lane.

How to Be Single ~ Dakota Johnson, Rebel Wilson, Leslie Mann ~ So I was on a contemporary movie bender. This was cute. It definitely had moments that made me laugh. I mean, Rebel Wilson is a trip. But there were moments that tugged at the heart, too. Moments that made me kind of feel like I’d been in their shoes–the Christmas tree incident, the baby shop blow up… and the last scene with Damon Wayans Jr. Yeah. Tugged at the heart. I also love Leslie Mann in this one. She stole the show. She cracked me up, but also made me root for her, too.

Friends with Benefits ~ Justin Timberlake and Mila Kunis ~ This was a good I-know-how-it’ll-end type of movies, but I needed a feel-good movie that day. The chemistry is great between Kunis and Timberlake. I actually felt it. Really. I loved the flash mob and the discussion about the carriage and horse. It’s a good movie for when there’s nothing else on or for a rental.


Draft Day ~ Kevin Costner and Jennifer Garner ~ I’m a sucker for football movies. I’m also a sucker for Kevin Costner. He’s sexy in a rugged sort of way. Now I have to admit, I’ve been a Cincinnati Bengals fan forever. We’re either really good or… well… we’re awful. The same thing goes for the Cleveland Browns. I loved that the movie focused on the process for drafting in the National Football League. At times it kind of felt like an ad for the NFL, but it’s hard to talk about the process without talking about the teams. Good tension in this one. The chemistry between Costner and Garner is great. Plus, he pulls off being kind of a dick really well.

That’s what I watched. How about you? Suggestions? I’m waiting. 🙂



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