Sunday Snog ~ Begin Again by @MeganSlayer ~ #sundaysnog


It’s time for the Sunday Snog. I’ve always liked this story and was thrilled when my editor at MLR Press asked me to take part in the Pause Story submission call. See what you think. I love broken people and second chance romance. 🙂

Begin AgainBeginAgain_200

A Take a Pause Story

By Megan Slayer

Contemporary, LGBTQ

M/M, anal sex, Masturbation

Novella (85 pages)


Taking a pause just might be the cure for his broken heart.

Denver Chalmers thought his world completely collapsed when his twin brother, Deiken, committed suicide. Instead of succumbing to the depression, he took a long breath and kept pushing forward with his life. But he’s not really living. Will a chance meeting at the cemetery be the first step toward his salvation?

Jett Dawson shared Denver’s view of the world. Deiken had been his everything, but their seemingly perfect relationship hid a multitude of problems. Jett won’t forget about his past, but he’s ready to move forward. He’s always had a crush on Denver and although he’s been told its wrong, he wants Denver in his life on a romantic level. Will their common ground and mutual desire lead to disaster or something they both need?

Available from MLR Press

And from Amazon

And from AllRomance Ebooks

Now for that Snog!!

©Megan Slayer, 2016, All Rights Reserved

“You want to date me?” Denver closed his hand over Jett’s, but didn’t shove him away. “Me? I called you an asshole and told you to leave the cemetery the last time I saw you. I’ve treated you like shit.”

“You’ve been honest.” He rubbed his thumb across the lower swell of Denver’s pectoral muscle. “I’m not looking for a rebound or a replacement.”

Denver removed his sunglasses and bridged the gap between him and Jett. “This is so wrong.” He curled his fingers under Jett’s chin. “So, so wrong.”

Jett held his breath as Denver lowered his mouth. The moment his lips touched Denver’s, his world spun. Electricity zapped him from within. He allowed himself to breathe and willed himself not to panic. He’d wanted this kiss for so long, but he wanted passion behind it.

Denver brushed his lips against Jett’s, then kissed him again. This time, he curled his fingers around the back of Jett’s neck. He pulled Jett closer and bit Jett’s bottom lip.

Was that passion? Desire? Jett hoped so. He kept his hand on Denver’s heart and eased his arm around Denver’s waist.

Denver broke the kiss first. His cheeks were flushed—from the sun or the kiss? Jett wasn’t sure.

“Well?” Jett asked. He flattened his palm on Denver’s side. Part of him never wanted to let go. The rest of him wanted to hide until Denver made his decision.

“It was good. Different.” Denver eased back and let go of him. “I’m conflicted. On one level, you’re still Deiken’s partner. You’re off-limits and I can just hear my mother. On another level, you’re a man and handsome. You’re interested and single.”

“How about a date? Just one. If there’s chemistry, we can take it from there. No strings or expectations.” Although he had plenty of strings and expectations. He’d fallen for Denver more than ten years ago and his feelings hadn’t gone away with time. Sure, he’d had a strong relationship with Deiken, but that seemed like it was a lifetime ago. He wanted to move forward and on with his life. He loved Deiken—always would—but he needed to begin again.

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