Saturday Spanking ~ Raining Men by @MeganSlayer ~ #SatSpanks

This week, I thought I’d feature one my most favorite current books, Raining Men. I loved Leo from Blue Satin and am glad he got his own story. I had to get him to talk first, but it was worth the wait. See what you think of Leo and Ty, his baseball playing sub.

Raining MenRaining Men

Club Desire book 8


M/M, Anal Sex, BDSM, Spanking, Toys,


Resplendence Publishing


Sparks fly in the midst of a glitter rain.

Tyrone Zade fell for his Dom the first time they were together. He knew Sir was the only one for him. He needs the spanking and domination to level himself out. He knows his heart and what he desires. When he visits Raining Men night and sees Leo in the glitter shower, he can’t hold back. But can this baseball player who isn’t out yet, be true to himself and the game he loves?

Leo never planned to settle down. Hell, he never planned on taking on a permanent sub. He lives his life freely and doesn’t report to anyone. But he’s lying to himself. He’s seen the other Doms pairing up as well as others finding love at Club Desire and when he’s with Ty, his life balances out. Can he accept the sub he needs and the life he wants, or will he allow fear to win and push Ty away?

Anything can happen when it’s raining men.

An AllRomance Ebooks Bestseller

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Now for that Spank!

©MeganSlayer, 2016, All Rights Reserved

“You’re so rigid. Relax.” He massaged Ty’s shoulders and kissed the wet skin. “Yes, a date.”

“I’m confused.” Ty put his hands up but didn’t touch Leo. “I don’t know what I’m doing.”

“Showering?” He grinned. “Getting clean?” When Ty didn’t grin or loosen up, Leo switched his approach. “Ty, don’t get all upset. We’re getting to know each other. Pretend I’m one of the guys on the team.” He washed Ty’s hips then his ass. God, the man had a nice butt. Enough to grab, with a little jiggle, but not too much.

“I doubt you’d smack me with a rolled-up towel or call me a motherfucker because I messed up a line drive or the last hit didn’t quite make it over the fence.” Ty splayed his hands on the wall. Water dripped from his hair, and the dark tresses slicked to his temples. Tension rippled down his back and broke Leo’s heart.

“They swat each other? I bet some of the players get upset that the team didn’t win, but that’s a little destructive.” He wound his arms around Ty’s waist. “I’ll only spank you if you want me to.”

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One thought on “Saturday Spanking ~ Raining Men by @MeganSlayer ~ #SatSpanks

  1. I really like Leo’s tenderness in this scene. He knows Ty is nervous and he’s doing his best to put him at ease. That means toning down his Dom tendencies just a bit so Ty will feel more comfortable with him. Perhaps even encourage Ty to touch him, since the sub seems at a loss what to do with his hands.

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