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Did I give you an earworm? You’re hearing Raining Men by the Weather Girls right now, aren’t you? I’ve got it, too. First, I love the song. It’s great and catchy. Second, it fit so well with my story, Raining Men. Leo, a Dom at Club Desire, created the Raining Men event as a mixer, complete with Glitter Rain because, well, he loves glitter rain. The mixer works by bringing men together who might not do so otherwise. My snippet below involves Leo and his sub, Ty, a baseball player, who has been injured during a baseball game. The snippet is a little longer than normal, but I wanted to include the setup. See what you think and happy listening to the earworm. Grin!

Raining Men Raining Men.jpg

Club Desire book 8


M/M, Anal Sex, BDSM, Spanking, Toys,


Resplendence Publishing


Sparks fly in the midst of a glitter rain.

Tyrone Zade fell for his Dom the first time they were together. He knew Sir was the only one for him. He needs the spanking and domination to level himself out. He knows his heart and what he desires. When he visits Raining Men night and sees Leo in the glitter shower, he can’t hold back. But can this baseball player who isn’t out yet, be true to himself and the game he loves?

Leo never planned to settle down. Hell, he never planned on taking on a permanent sub. He lives his life freely and doesn’t report to anyone. But he’s lying to himself. He’s seen the other Doms pairing up as well as others finding love at Club Desire and when he’s with Ty, his life balances out. Can he accept the sub he needs and the life he wants, or will he allow fear to win and push Ty away?

Anything can happen when it’s raining men.

An AllRomance Ebooks Bestseller

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AllRomance Ebooks:


Now for that hot snippet!!

Excerpt: ©MeganSlayer, 2016, All Rights Reserved

With no hesitation, Ty scrambled into place. He eased onto Leo’s thighs and waggled his ass.

Taunting Leo? Dangerous, bratty sub. He’d earn more punishment for that move. Leo arranged the lube and brush beside him. “Raise up for me for a moment.”

Ty did as told, and Leo eased the necktie around Ty’s head, obscuring his vision.

“Thank you, Sir.” Ty sighed and seemed to relax.

“Good.” He patted Ty’s ass. “Back on your belly.” He waited until Ty complied. Once he did, Leo smoothed his palm over Ty’s butt. He drew wide circles, caressing and massaging, calming his sub and getting him to lose himself to the feeling. “Such a nice ass. So firm and just the way I like it.” He flattened his palm and pressed his fingers into the taut flesh.

Another moan escaped Ty’s throat.

Just where he wanted Ty—relaxed. Leo brought his hand down hard on Ty’s ass. The sound ricocheted around the room. Before the noise stopped, he spanked Ty again. A red handprint blossomed on Ty’s skin. Instead of adding another swat, he resumed caressing Ty’s ass with the broad circles. “Good boy. You take this well.”

“Yes, Sir. Thank you, Sir. Feels good.”

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