Monday Movie Rundown

Monday Movie Rundown Banner

This week I watched quite the myriad of movies. That’s how I roll, though. Gotta have a wild variety. So… what was in the queue?

The Bride Came C.O.D. staring Bette Davis and James Cagney – if you haven’t seen it, you should. Its funny and Davis shines as a comedienne. Her father is trying to buy her out of a marriage and Cagney is the one who should fly her out of that situation. He does comedy well, too.

Christmas Matchmaker with Lacey Chabert – This was the infamous movie that drove me crazy. She has a boyfriend who pays her no mind. They can’t decide how long they’ve been dating – a year or maybe just a few months. No one is sure. Anyway, she gets invited to a party, but is told it’s to meet boyfriend’s mom. The guy is an issue. He lets his best friend buy her presents FOR him. Anyway, she gets most of the way to the party and best friend picks her up rather than boyfriend. She spends time with him and falls for him. So far, they had me. Then boyfriend up and picks up with his ex. She’s the liaison for the company he wants to work with. Oh and they are more compatible than they look. Anyway, when they finally have to face each other–her with best friend and boyfriend with ex… they just…sure! Great. I’m glad. SERIOUSLY?!?! Head desk.

Nine Lives of Christmas with Brandon Routh – This one was cute. He has a cat. His GF doesn’t like the cat. Oh and it’s an orange cat by the way and he’s adorable. I’ve got a soft spot for orange cats. Plus, Brandon Routh is always good eye candy.

Goin’ to Town with Mae West – this reminded me of Pretty Woman, but done better. Okay, I’m a sucker for Mae West and her brand of humor. She’s crass, but she’s got a heart of gold and she’s funny as hell.

Aloha with Bradley Cooper – here’s the thing: Bill Murray. Bill Flippin’ Murray. He’s slimy, but he’s great. The movie was sullen and confusing in spots. Cooper almost seemed to be line reading while doing his part. I didn’t get the connection between him and Emma Stone. I figured out at least one of the big shockers almost as soon as it was mentioned in the beginning. It was a decent movie, but the best was considering it a rental.Footnote -the music was good. I liked it.

As always, if you’ve got recommendations, then let me know. I’m all ears! 🙂

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