Monday Movie Rundown

Monday Movie Rundown Banner

I’m only a little late for the second movie rundown post. This one’s for this week. I did manage to watch two different movies. Both black and white and both very different.I liked both of them.

I’m No Angel – Mae West and Cary Grant. I’ve got to tell you, I love the young Cary Grant. Oh my. Walking wet dream. I like his chemistry with Mae West, too. We need more couples like this on screen. The only thing I wasn’t wild about in the movie was the treatment of the lions. You see, she works with a troupe and part of the group features circus animals. Now, I know. Circus animals aren’t as poorly treated now as they were. I’m not getting into that discussion right now. But I didn’t like how the lions were whipped. That bothered me. Whether it’s now or then, that’s not right. That aside (yes, I fast forwarded through that part), I still liked it. I’d watch I’m No Angel again and again.

Since we’re sticking with the theme of tall, dark and handsome, the other movie I watched this weekend was Nightmare Alley. This one featured Tyrone Power. Yep. He’s back. I’ve got a thing for Tyrone Power. It’s the mischievous look in his eyes and how he can turn the same look from a glare to a grin in a nanosecond. This movie features Tyrone as a sort of a mind reader who reaches the highest heights. He becomes famous for his abilities. Think Miss Cleo, but in the 40s and much more handsome. Then he not only loses his ability, but drops down to the lowest low. It’s gritty and not a slap happy type of movie. You have to be in the right frame of mind to watch it. If you want something heavy and gritty, then you might like it, too.


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